Baby Girl Declared Dead for 18 Minutes Stuns Doctors with Miraculous Recovery

Doctors were taken aback by the miraculous recovery of a baby girl who came back to life 18 minutes after being declared dead after nearly drowning in a jacuzzi.The Lorenzi family had just returned from church on Ash Wednesday, and their six children were playing in the backyard. The parents went to check on them after about 30 minutes, only to discover that Sofia had gone missing.

Pablo, her father, discovered her submerged in the jacuzzi, lifeless and unresponsive despite his desperate CPR attempts.”When I found her, I was just in shock,” Pablo explained. “My heart just dropped, and I grabbed her quickly and screamed for help as loudly as I could.” Sofia has been declared dead by medical personnel.
Sofia was rushed to the hospital, where the doctor declared her dead after several failed attempts to revive her.

However, just 18 minutes later, the nurse noticed Sofia resuming breathing, which stunned the medical staff. Sofia’s remarkable recovery. Sofia’s road to recovery was long and difficult. Doctors stated that she had lost a significant amount of oxygen to her brain and that her prognosis could not be determined until an MRI was performed five days later.

Fortunately, the MRI revealed that none of her other organs had been harmed, and she was on the mend. She was released from the hospital after seven days in the intensive care unit and 47 days in the recovery room. Parents are grateful, and the medical staff is astounded. Sofia’s parents are overjoyed and thankful for her miraculous recovery. They believe God stepped in and saved their daughter.

“There is no doubt that after I saw the miracle, I just said to God, you can do anything,” Magali said. “You can heal my daughter, and I know you will complete the miracle.” One of Sofia’s doctors even wrote her a letter in which he referred to her as his “star” and explained how he thought she wouldn’t make it.

Sofia, on the other hand, proved everyone wrong. Her parents are hopeful that she will recover completely and are grateful to God for saving their child. Her recovery has also astounded and inspired the medical staff who are caring for her.

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