Twins who celebrated their 100th birthdays simultaneously. How do they look now?

Having a twin who is an exact replica of you is unquestionably unique. But living next to a twin for a century? That only adds to the strangeness! Mary Bell Roach and May Bell Powell are better known as the Wallace Twins. The twins were born on March 25, 1922, in Kentucky, where they still reside today. They were able to attend Murray State University for college. They sometimes used the fact that they look identical to aid their studies. “May couldn’t even hit the ball,” Roach says. – “I did sports in his place…

She also wrote my papers. The best friends married people they had grown up with in school after they graduated from college. Mary and May were then hired as first-grade teachers in Simsony, where they grew up. For the next 42 years, the sisters taught next to each other. Because their husbands had to go to war in the 1940s, the sisters’ careers had to come to a halt. The sisters remained together throughout the war. Instead, they relocated to Detroit and found work.

When the men return from war, their wives purchase mobile homes on wheels so that they can all travel across the country together. The strange women have visited all 50 states as well as eight European countries. They’ve also taken six cruises together. This couple is still full of life despite the fact that they are both 100 years old. Roach claims that the women are still very strong despite the fact that their wives are no longer alive.

They walk about 30 minutes to the gym every day, and you can meet them at the hair salon every Friday. Roach and Powell have just moved into the same room so that they can assist each other in the middle of the night if necessary. “We’re always together and have never been apart,” Roach says. “That’s all we know about loving each other,” they admitted.

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