Children under 2-yo shouldn’t use phone. 500k people might go blind after 20 years, survey shows

Mobile phones and gadgets have become an essential part of our society. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently issued a recommendation that children under the age of two should not touch any electronic screens.

According to a survey, up to 30% of Taiwanese high school students have more than 500 degrees of myopia, and 500,000 – 550,000 people will go blind due to glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration 20 years later.

As a result of early exposure to mobile screens, an increasing number of children develop myopia earlier in life. As a result, the World Health Assembly (WHA) Committee decided that gameplay disorder would be classified as a mental illness under the new international disease classification.

As a result, the guidelines recommended that children under the age of two not touch electronic screens. According to Zenith, the number of people using the internet will surpass the number of people watching television in 2019. According to the Taiwan Ophthalmology Society survey, Taiwanese use mobile phones for 9.4 hours per day, which is equal to half of their waking hours (excluding sleeping time).

Excessive phone use turns both children and adults into electronic screen addicts.Faced with this health issue, the supervisory committee Jiang Qiwen launched the ‘Serious Child Myopia Problem’ investigation and solicited donations to establish an optometry for children’s eyesight. Given the gravity of the situation, we should limit children’s exposure to electronic screens as much as possible.

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