Yazemeenah Rossi, a 67-year-old model, reveals her tips for graceful aging.

“Age really is just a number.” You’ve probably heard that before, but one thing we’ve noticed about it is that it frequently refers to extreme examples, such as 95-year-old Betty White or 80-year-old Deshun Wang. However, swimsuit model Yazemeenah Rossi is unique in that she is relatable and likely your age. The 67-year-old is a tangible example of healthy, wholesome living that you may find useful.

Yazemeenah’s stunning long silver hair is the first thing you’ll notice about her. When she was ten, her hair began to change color, and a decade later, it was salt and pepper. Yazemeenah has had to fight agents in order to maintain her natural hair color, which complements the very beauty that everyone admires and admires. And, in any case, she “always thought it was a gift…[She’s] someone who likes to keep things simple.”

Yazameenah was born in France and raised on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, which explains her free-spirited and relaxed personality. Making a conscious effort to live stress-free has contributed to her youthful complexion, even as a grandmother of two. In comparison to most models, Yazemeenah’s career started late, at the age of 28. While she truly began to make her mark after the age of forty, her most recent years have been the most influential.

From her stunning gray hair to her nearly wrinkle-free skin, the 67-year-old has become an inspiration and ray of hope for both young girls and older women. There is, fortunately, or unfortunately, no fairy tale fountain. She does, however, provide some very practical pearls of wisdom for living a healthy and hearty life at any age.”I will model until the end of my life,” says Yazemeenah. “But it’s not about modeling, it’s about witnessing, witnessing beauty, energy makes us alive.”

“It’s [about] enjoying every day, more and more,” in whatever you do. Every morning, it feels like my heart is going to explode.” What a remarkable determination to approach everything with such vigour, love, and passion. Of course, life isn’t always easy, and things don’t always go as planned. However, approaching your life with a positive attitude will likely improve yours and others’ lives more than you might expect!

Yazemeenah eats avocado every day, emphasizing the importance of incorporating a healthy, nutrient-rich diet into your life. She avoids fad diets, believes that balance and discipline are essential, and never eats processed, frozen, or microwaved foods.

Yazemeenah will cook and eat fresh organic foods almost every day, including “vegetables, fruits, nuts, and some good quality fish and meats.”You are well aware of common marketing tactics that frequently sexualize women in order to sell products, but Yazemeenah knows better (and so should we).

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