After revealing that she does not allow her teenage sons to sleep in, a mother sparks debate.

Sleep is extremely important for us, and as adults, we frequently do not get enough of it. Then there’s the opposite effect, like when we were teenagers and slept too much. I’m sure some of us recall the days in high school and early college when we could easily sleep in until late afternoon. In high school, my mother was always complaining about how much time I could sleep in if I didn’t set an alarm.

My mother isn’t the only mother of teenagers who has had enough of how much they can sleep.One mother, a mother of two teen boys, revealed on Reddit how much her children can sleep. She explained that she wanted to limit the amount of time they spent in bed, so she established a household rule: no sleeping past 10 a.m. on weekends.Sounds like a typical request, doesn’t it

It didn’t sit well with the kids’ uncle – her brother – who believes she should let them sleep whenever they want. Rather than arguing with her family, she sought advice from the internet.”I have two children (16M, 14M) and have a non-negotiable rule in my household that they have to be up at 10:00 AM,” the mom wrote on Reddit. The only exceptions to this rule are when they are ill or when it is their birthday.

This causes a lot of grumbling from my kids, as I frequently have to wake them up.” “He said that teenage boys will often sleep extremely late and me forcing them to get up early is preventing them from getting their proper amount of sleep,” she added. Granted, the mother is unsure whether she is correct or whether her brother is correct in accusing her of being overly strict. That’s why she needed Reddit to weigh in with their thoughts.

And the internet was just as divided as the mother was. One commenter mentioned that teens need more sleep than adults, so she should “check out some sleep information. “If you’d like to understand more about the health impacts that this rule is likely causing for these teenagers, I recommend the book ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker,” someone else commented.

It’s very interesting and easy to read! Teenagers should sleep in later in the morning. They will never be able to reclaim the time that has been taken from them.” Another Reddit user shared their own personal story, explaining that as a teen, they were also forced to get up early, and that they experienced a lot of “rage” as a child.

“Kids need to sleep,” the commenter continued. The notion that everyone must wake up early every day of their lives is absurd. Allow them to sleep in as long as they behave well and perform well in school.” What are your thoughts? Should teenagers be allowed to sleep in as long as they want, or should they be awakened at a specific time? Which do you believe is correct, the mother or the uncle? Or perhaps both? Please let us know!

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