Julia Roberts’ daughter Hazel is growing up quickly and resembles her mother.

Do you want to know about a celebrity from whom I believe we rarely hear? Despite the fact that she has appeared in some of the most popular films of the last three decades, we fans know very little about her. But we do know one thing: Julia Roberts’ life changed for the better after she married and became a mother. Her three children have grown up. Julia’s child has gotten a lot of attention recently.

That’s not surprising given how much the young lady resembles her famous mother.Most celebrities now have social media accounts where they interact with their fans and regularly post photos of themselves and their families. But Julia Roberts, one of the most famous movie stars of all time, has yet to board that train. There is a Twitter account in her name with nearly 540,000 followers, but the person behind the account has never tweeted.

So, how about it, Facebook? She isn’t active there either.Roberts’ Instagram page is the only place she sends updates, and even then, she rarely posts photos of her family. No, Roberts hasn’t shared many photos of her children over the years because she prefers to keep them private.Julia dated a number of famous actors over the years, including Benjamin Bratt and Kiefer Sutherland. She was once dubbed “America’s Sweetheart,” and she always had a long line of men waiting for her.

Julia began dating singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett at the height of her career. The musician couldn’t believe his good fortune and agreed to marry the actress on the spur of the moment. Despite this, the marriage did not last long due to the stress they were under. In fact, the couple married in 1993 and divorced in 1995.Hazel and Phinnaeus, the couple’s twins, were born in 2004. Three years later, they had another son, Henry.

Being a wife and mother, according to Roberts, significantly altered her life. Julia was a selfish little brat who ran around making movies. That had been changed by her husband. “Meeting Danny…finding my person.” When I think about what makes my life meaningful and shines inside of me, it’s him. “Everything for me has come from that,” Julia told Harper’s Bazaar.

Julia and Danny have worked together on a variety of projects over the years. Their marriage has been strengthened as a result, and they have been happily married for 20 years. Julia celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary by posting a rare Instagram photo of herself and her husband.Furthermore, Hazel appears to have inherited her mother’s golden heart. Julia previously stated that when Hazel was 12 years old, she chose to cut her hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids.

Julia said in 2017: “That’s a big deal for a girl who’s almost 13 and has this cascading blonde hair that gets a lot of compliments.” But she is courageous and kind. She sees things in a different light. The attractive blonde turned heads when she made her red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. Hazel attended the festival with her father, who was promoting his film, Flag Day.Hazel, 16, dressed down in Mary Janes and a “butterscotch yellow button-up lace shirtdress” and “went ’90s chic.”

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