Mom sews incredibly accurate Disney character costumes for her 3-year-old daughter.

Every child who grew up at the turn of the century wished to visit Disneyland, which most kids could only see on TV in the program “Disney Club.”We all grew up a long time ago, and the Disney club no longer exists, but many people still want to visit a fantastic country called Disneyland.

Children living abroad are much more fortunate in this regard, because a trip to the world of fairy tales is more affordable entertainment for them than for you and me, and some of them even become stars of this famous amusement park.

Lane Roach, three, from Florida, is one of the fortunate women who not only visits Disneyland on a regular basis but is also an unofficial “nail” of the amusement park.All thanks to her resourceful and talented mother Jennifer, who sews dresses and costumes for her daughter out of secondhand materials that are replicas of those worn by Disney characters.

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