Mystery As 500 POUNDS Of Cooked Pasta Is Discovered In A Forest

A town in New Jersey was stunned after 500 pounds of cooked pasta were discovered in a nearby forest. The strange discovery was made in Old Bridge Township when a resident went for a walk in a wooded area near their home and came across massive piles of abandoned pasta. The pasta, according to reports, was cooked and included everything from spaghetti to macaroni elbows and ziti.

The food was dumped along a stream that runs through the forest, and local authorities have yet to determine who brought the pasta there and why. “The resident thought it was hay at first, but when they got closer, they saw it was tons of cooked pasta,” local advocate Nina Jochnowitz revealed in a statement to

Jochnowitz also stated that she contacted her township after hearing about the pasta pollution from a concerned local.”You could argue, ‘Who cares about pasta?'” “However, pasta has a PH level that will impact the water stream,” Jochnowitz explained in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, adding that the mess was cleaned up within hours of its discovery.

“That water stream needs to be cleaned because it feeds into the town’s water supply… It was one of the quickest cleanups I’d ever witnessed here.” Jochnowitz also insisted that pollution is a serious problem in the area and that the wooded areas have become a dumping ground for careless residents.”We are the only town in Middlesex County that does not provide residents with bulk garbage pickup.” “It’s been going on for at least a decade,” she added.

“It was cleaned up by the Department of Public Works.” They are a wonderful group of people. They do the right thing when given the right opportunity. Unfortunately, they are frequently overburdened.” While Jochnowitz admitted that the entire incident may appear humorous, she added that “it is also really sad” because it reflects the country’s pollution problem.

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