Mystery dolls left in mailbox deliver heartfelt happiness

People generally enjoy a good mystery because they are both perplexing and exciting. One day, a Michigan couple discovered something extremely mysterious, albeit adorable, in their mailbox, and the mystery appears to be ongoing.When most people open their mailboxes, they find bills, junk mail, and the odd card from a loved one. However, Don Powell opened his one day in August 2022 to find an unusual surprise. He discovered two tiny dolls sitting on a miniature couch with a miniature table alongside his usual bills and coupons.

The dolls were set up in a “living room” in the Powell’s mailbox. Surprisingly, the dolls came with a brief note that said, “We’ve decided to live here.” Shelley and Mary.”Don’s initial thoughts were, predictably, that the dolls had been placed there by mistake. Or that someone in his neighborhood was making a joke on him. He went door to door to solve the mystery. “I went around to the other homes on the cul-de-sac to see if anyone else had gotten dolls in their mailbox,” he said. “Nobody had. I knocked on the door of a neighbor across the street named Shelly and asked if she had done it, but she said no.

“Powell and his wife Nancy ordered a custom, 26-inch-deep mailbox about five years ago—almost an exact replica of their new home in Orchard Lake, Michigan. As a result, it’s the ideal setting for two tiny dolls. There is plenty of window light, as well as a solar-powered ceiling light to illuminate the mailbox after the sun goes down.Although it is illegal to tamper with someone else’s mail or mailbox,

Powell, a psychologist, has a positive outlook on the mysterious dolls. In fact, he was amused by the unexpected visitors in his mailbox and eventually had fun with the new family. He’d planned to throw them away at first, but then changed his mind. He pushed the dolls and their furniture to the back of the room and went about his business. Powell later found a pet dog, artwork, and even a bed for the dolls. “I thought, ‘OK, someone is really playing a joke on me,'” Powell explained. “I didn’t think it was one of my neighbors.”He turned to the NextDoor App after having no luck with his neighbors.

His original post was straightforward, asking if anyone admitted to pulling the prank. No one, however, did. As a result, he posted again, this time joking that he’d called the cops to have extra patrols on his mailbox. “The whole thing got rather whimsical,” he admitted. “I have a quirky sense of humor.”Powell discovered the two dolls had been replaced with skeleton dolls for Halloween 2022. Powell discovered another surprise on Christmas, so the celebrations continued. The original dolls reappeared, this time accompanied by small gifts

Powell had been documenting and sharing everything on NextDoor. He had quite a following by this point. “The response was just incredible,” he said. “People were saying things like, ‘This is so much fun to read, I was ready to get off Nextdoor, but this makes me want to stay.’The fun didn’t stop there, and Powell eventually came to learn more about his new mysterious guests. Mary and Shelley had previously lived in a two-story Dutch-style doll house, according to a note he discovered one day. They did, however, have a cousin (Shirley) who came to visit every now and then.


As a result, the dolls decided that this new home would be more suitable.”Then, after the (February) ice storm, I did a post that said the family was locked in the mailbox and couldn’t get out,” Powell explained. “When someone asked if they had lost power, I told them, ‘No, they didn’t lose power to begin with, but they do have a wood burning stove and were working from home.'”Fortunately, the mailbox is large enough that the new residents have not interfered with Powell’s regular mail delivery, but he has attempted to contact the West Bloomfield Post Office just in case.

The couple appears to be having a good time with their mysterious visitors. “It’s really cute. It makes me laugh…it’s a good positive thing, especially in these crazy times.” Nancy elaborated. Meanwhile, Powell is having a good time and has found some inspiration. “I’m having fun with the mystery. “I look forward to new things being added to the mailbox,” he said, adding, “Given the reaction (on Nextdoor), I am thinking of writing a children’s book.”

“I think it creates a novel story.”While the mystery discovered in the couple’s mailbox is undeniably precious, others have shared stories on Reddit about the strangest things they’ve discovered in their mailboxes. Some are downright amusing. Others, on the other hand, are disgusting and/or perplexing. Additionally, mail carriers have reported some unusual objects. Wasp nests, squirrels, and even illegal substances are common discoveries.

A personalized mailbox is surprisingly easy to find and adds a personal touch to the exterior of the home. They do, however, serve an important purpose: housing bills, holiday cards, and, on rare occasions, tiny dolls.

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