“I kiss her a lot every day”: 91-year-old man leads a touching blog about his wife

How do you keep love alive after 70 years of marriage? A couple who recently celebrated their anniversary has a secret of their own. Jeffrey Walker of the United Kingdom has been happily married to his wife Pauline for 71 years. The 91-year-old man adores his wife so much that he created a Facebook page dedicated to her. He frequently posts pictures of his wife – here she is in the garden among flowering bushes, here she is drinking tea, and here we are together against the backdrop of an ancient castle and the boundless green expanses of the English plains.

When one of the locals began to share Jeffrey’s touching, adoring posts online, they quickly drew the attention of users. The page, which had only a few hundred subscribers, quickly became popular. Jeffrey now has over 323 thousand subscribers, and this number is growing by the day! Jeffrey had never imagined himself as a blogger. He began publishing photographs of his wife because their two sons, daughter, and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren live far away and cannot see them frequently. Social networks allow people to stay in touch with family members and share happy memories.

This wonderful couple’s journey began in 1950. Jeffrey and Pauline met for the first time in the cinema queue, and then again at the dance. The couple decided to marry before Jeffrey was sent to military service in Japan, where he was supposed to spend 1.5 years. Paulina was left alone for 18 months after barely becoming a wife, but she did not give up waiting for her husband. According to the couple, their marriage has had ups and downs over the past seventy years, but they still consider it happy. “There are no serious reasons for squabbles.” “And living together in old age has become even easier,” Jeffrey says.

Pauline’s happiness secret: “Never go to bed in a squabble.” In response, Jeffrey jokes, “You just need to know five magic words: “I’m sorry, Pauline, it’s my fault.”Furthermore, Jeffrey, who enjoys watching wildlife documentaries, tells about one useful thing he discovered while watching albatrosses. “They kiss all the time and fight with their beaks,” the Briton observes. – We also kiss a lot. Kisses and hugs every day.”

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