Grateful Grandmother in Tears of Happiness when Good Samaritans from a Charity Group Rebuilt Her Damaged House for Free

A little kindness can go a long way. It may be a common word, but it is frequently praised by all. A random act of kindness brings warmth and hope to the world. A group of caring individuals from the “Taiwan Treasure Island Charity Volunteer Group” gathered and assisted individuals in need throughout the city. Such is the case of a grandmother who lives with her grandchildren in a 45-year-old house in Chunri Township, Pingtung County, which has been damaged and rendered unstable by heavy rains and wind.

Their house was on the verge of collapsing.When the group heard about the grandma’s house in early 2020, they rushed to the location. They noticed that the area had a poor economic climate and that there were no extra funds to repair the damaged homes. Fortunately, volunteers from the charity group came to her aid in rebuilding her home. The good Samaritans collaborated, and the water and electricity were soon restored, as was the house.

The newly constructed house was built to last.Aside from free construction, the charity group provided additional necessities for Grandma’s home. The family is eager to return to their new home. The grandmother couldn’t believe that a group of generous people would rebuild her house for free. She shed happy tears of gratitude as she hugged Chairman Lin Qimao tightly.”

I am very happy to help people in need,” the chairman said as he hugged her back. Grandma is similar to my own mother. “I hope she will be safe and happy in her newly restored home.”A group in Taiwan has enthusiastic members who are willing to help those in need at no cost.

They are perfect examples of people who do kind things without limits and spread good vibes and positive energy. Any act of random kindness (A.R.K.) performed by an individual has the potential to change a person’s fortune, or even the fortunes of a group of people. Every act of kindness elicits a positive response. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking!

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