This woman spent 15 years looking for her missing son and begins shaking when she sees him online.

After more than a decade apart, a mother and her son are back together again.Most parents would do anything and everything they could for their kids. A mother or father loves their child very much and will always do so. If someone tries to get between a parent and their children to keep them from being together, they may want to watch out for their safety.

Hope Holland’s life was full of this kind of never-ending, never-ending, and deep love. ABC 10 News says that it had been years since she had seen her son Jonathan. Johnathan had only been with Hope for three years when he was taken away. In 2000, her ex-husband just up and left, taking their young son with him. But, Inspire More says, Hope didn’t give up…hope. She kept looking for Jonathan instead.

“For the first three years, the only thing I cared about was finding my son. I have no idea how I looked for him, but that was the only thing that mattered to me,” she said.Hope even hired a private investigator at one point to help her find her child. But the person she paid to help her find her son also vanished. Things got worse and worse with the investigator. Inspire More says that this person told Hope’s ex-husband about the search for Jonathan.Things did not look good.

But then, a photo posted on social media helped find the person. ABC 10 News said that Hope saw a picture of Johnathan as a baby on social media. She was so upset when she found the picture of her son that she had taken herself.Hope said, “I couldn’t stop the tears from falling down my face, and my hands and body were shaking.”

Hope then reached out to a friend of Johnathan’s who liked the photo. This person gave Hope information about how to get in touch with her long-lost son. Soon, they were back in touch, and in 2015, Hope finally gave her 18-year-old son a hug. Hope was overjoyed to see her child, whom she hadn’t seen in more than 10 years.”And I’m just so happy and it’s a miracle,” Hope said. “I never, ever, ever thought this day would come. So, I’m incredibly happy. “I’m very happy.”

“On top of all this, put on love, which is the tie that holds everything together.” – Col 3:14

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