Husband abandons his wife and child for a younger woman; years later, his daughter becomes his boss.

A young girl is heartbroken to see her mother in tears after learning that her father has abandoned them for a younger woman. She promises to work hard so that one day they will be able to prove that they never needed him in the first place.Mia, twelve, came home from school to find her mother crying in the living room. “What’s the matter, Mom?” “Where is dad?” she inquired, hurrying to her mother’s side.

“Your father abandoned us,” Lindy, her mother, sobbed. She yelled, “He left us for his secretary!”Mia couldn’t comprehend the gravity of the situation because it refused to sink in. She simply sat beside her mother and consoled her. “I’m sorry, mom,” she said as she stroked her mother’s back. “I’ve arrived. “I will never abandon you,” Mia vowed. “I will work hard so that we can show Dad that we never needed him in the first place.” I swear to you, Mom. We have each other, and that is sufficient.”

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Lindy found the strength and determination to move on and do better over the years thanks to Mia. She was the main reason she kept working so hard and choosing to power through all of the challenges that came their way.Mia’s teachers told her that she was gifted in math when she graduated from high school. Lindy was extremely proud of her, and though she hated to admit it, she knew her daughter inherited her father’s traits. He was a brilliant businessman, and she couldn’t argue with that.

Lindy worked two jobs to help Mia finish school. Even though she had an academic scholarship, it wasn’t enough to cover her entire tuition at a prestigious Ivy League university. “Mom, I’ll just go to a state university,” Mia told her mother one day after seeing Lindy exhausted after work. “I promise, I really don’t mind,” she vowed.Lindy refused, shaking her head. “Absolutely not,” she replied to her daughter.

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“You are destined for greatness, and you will be educated at a top university.” You have earned your place. “Don’t worry about Mom,” she said with a smile. “I’ve got this.”True, Mia excelled in the school she attended, and she was always her class’s representative in a variety of mathematics competitions. She was chosen as one of the college-level Mathematics Olympiad representatives one day.

“Goodbye, Mom.” “I’ll bring the gold back!” Mia said as she hugged her mother goodbye before leaving for the competition. “I’ll see you when I get back.” “Bye, sweetheart,” Lindy said as she kissed her daughter goodbye. “When you return, we’ll have a fantastic dinner to celebrate your accomplishment.” “I’m very proud of you!” As she walked her daughter to the bus, the mother cheered.

Mia returned from a four-day trip out of town with the gold medal and a $20,000 cash prize from one of the foundations that sponsored the math competition. She couldn’t wait to give the prizes to her mother, so she dashed inside. “Mom! “I’m home!” she exclaimed.Mia had just called her mother, so she knew she was home. She dashed up the stairs, surprised to find Lindy unconscious on the floor of her bedroom.

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“Mom!” she yelled, sprinting over to her. “Mom, wake up!” she yelled, her hands trembling in terror. She struggled to pull her phone from her pocket in order to dial 911. “Please help me,” she requested of the operator. “I discovered my mother unconscious on the floor.” I’m not sure how long she’s been here, but she’s alive. Please arrive as soon as possible!”

Lindy was taken to the hospital in less than five minutes by ambulance. Mia accompanied her there, where she was subjected to a battery of tests to determine what was wrong.Lindy became conscious after being connected to an IV line. However, a more serious problem had been discovered: she had a blocked artery. “Your mother requires immediate surgery.” “We don’t want to keep this going because it could be fatal,” the doctor explained to Mia, who was terrified.

“I know my mother has health insurance.” “Could we please use this to pay?” she inquired. “We will perform the surgery on her, but insurance does not cover these types of procedures.” You must find a way to pay her bill before she is given permission to leave. “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” the doctor said as he wheeled Lindy into the operating room.

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Mia caught one last look at her mother, who was fighting for her life in the hospital. “I will get you out of here, mom, I promise,” she promised herself before leaving the hospital. She made the decision to approach her father.Mia took a cab to her father’s office, where she was greeted by his secretary. “Mia!” she exclaimed smugly. “What a pleasant surprise to see you here. What is the source of our pleasure?””I need to see my dad,” she said flatly.

“Let’s see if he has time,” the secretary said as she walked Mia to her father’s office. Her father knocked and asked his secretary and girlfriend to give him five minutes with Mia. “Why did you wait six years to reach out, Mia?” “I’ve been trying to reach you,” Jamie, her father, said. “You abandoned us. “It’s for her!” Mia fired back. “Why should I spend time with you after you abandoned our family?” “Do you know how much that hurt us, dad?” she asked, her eyes welling up.

“Well, then, why are you here now?” Jamie inquired. “Give me a guess. “Do you need money?” he inquired arrogantly. “Mom is in the hospital fighting for her life.” Please understand that I will repay you once I find work. “Please save mom,” Mia pleaded. Jamie began to say, “I can do that…” “However, my condition is that you begin living with me. “Do you not want to be with Dad?” He inquired of his daughter.

“What is it for?” Mia responded. “You and I were never particularly close. “Why try to be a father now?” “All right, then, my answer is no.” “Get your money somewhere else and get out,” Jamie said sternly.Mia made a shaky motion with her head. She had no idea her father was such a monster. “Gladly!” she exclaimed as she stormed out the door.

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Mia realized on the cab ride back to the hospital that her Olympiad gold medal was made of real gold. She decided to sell it to a pawnshop and use the proceeds, along with the $20,000 cash prize, to pay for the hospital. Fortunately, it was just enough to cover everything. Lindy recovered completely and returned to work after a few months. Mia got a part-time job at a local coffee shop and worked there until she graduated from college.

Mia made the decision to purchase her father’s business. Jamie initially assumed that his daughter was acting to save him. He eventually realized, however, that she did it to spite him…Mia went on to work for a large corporation, where she was their most valuable asset due to her exceptional math skills. She worked her way up the ranks until she became a managing partner, earning her enough money to ask her mother to stop working.

Mia decided to make a large investment one day. She received an email about the sale of some businesses and discovered that her father’s business was for sale due to its impending bankruptcy. Mia made the decision to purchase her father’s business. Jamie initially assumed that his daughter was acting to save him. He eventually realized she did it to spite him, as she was promoted to CEO and managing director while he was demoted to a silent minority partner.

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