Man Buys Late Mother’s House so Sister Can’t Destroy It, Discovers Her True Will in It

After their mother died, Eric and Sharon discovered that their mother had left everything to Sharon rather than Eric. However, after Eric dug a little deeper, the truth of their mother’s will would leave them both with a better understanding of sibling rivalry.When Eric learned of his mother’s death, he was devastated. He worked as a real estate developer in a city far away from his hometown, so receiving a call from afar broke his heart.

He hoped he could express all the things he couldn’t while she was still alive. He was close to his mother, but once he got a job, he rarely returned home. His mother shared a home with his younger sister, Sharon.Sharon was a few years younger than Eric and was still trying to figure out who she was. She did a few waitressing jobs but never got anything to stick.

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After his sister expressed their mother’s wishes in her will and sent him a copy, Eric was surprised to learn that he had received nothing and that everything had gone to his younger sister. But the more he thought about it, the more sense it made to him. Eric had left home a while ago, and it had been just the two of them for quite some time. Eric was also significantly more financially secure than his sister, so he understood why their mother would leave everything to his sister.

Sharon was to inherit not only the family home, but also all of their mother’s other assets, according to the will. Eric had made peace with this and expressed his feelings to his sister, who didn’t seem to care.As time passed, Eric learned from a real estate friend back home that his old house had been listed for sale. It was going to be demolished and then sold as land, which was much more valuable at the time. Eric was perplexed and decided to investigate further.

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Eric discovered after some investigation that his sister was indeed demolishing their family home. Eric was brought to his knees by the news. He couldn’t understand why his sister would do something like that. They were raised in that house. It was their prize. However, Eric had to remind himself that the space was Sharon’s to do with as she pleased. With that realization, Eric devised a strategy to save his family’s home, and then simply decided to buy it.

A few days later, Eric made Sharon an irresistible offer. Sharon was so eager to sell the house that the transaction was completed in less than a week. “I’m not sure what’s going on. I was hoping you could help me clear some things up.”Eric hadn’t been home in a while, so he decided to go to the house and see what could be done with it. As he approached the property, he was astounded by its state. He went inside and discovered that things were even worse than he had imagined.

Eric made the decision to renovate his childhood home and honor his mother’s memory. He called a friend to see if he could assist him with the task, but his plate was already full. Eric decided right then and there that he would be in charge of overseeing the renovations. After a few days, Eric and his construction crew discovered something that completely blew Eric’s mind. One of his teammates brought him a document that was hidden beneath his mother’s bedroom floor.

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Eric examined it and realized it was his mother’s original will and testament. The property was to be divided equally between Eric and Sharon, according to the original will. There appeared to be several forged copies of wills among that will.In disbelief at what this revelation could mean, he called his mother’s lawyer to learn more about what had occurred.

“Hi, sir. This is Gina’s son, Eric. So, at the house, I discovered a copy of my mother’s original will as well as some forged copies. I’m not sure what’s going on. “I was hoping you could help me clear some things up,” Eric explained. “How typical of Eric!” I’m not sure what Mom saw in you!”Eric’s eyes bulged in disbelief as he listened to what he heard on the other end of the phone call.

The lawyer was astounded as well. He claimed that Eric’s mother’s lawyer was another person, that her will was always kept in the house, and that Sharon had brought it herself after her death. Eric was taken aback by what he had discovered and decided to confront Sharon in person. They met for dinner the next day under the guise of a potential business proposal involving the house.

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Eric didn’t waste any time getting to the bottom of the problem. He pulled out all the documents the moment his sister sat down.”What is this?” she exclaimed, as she flipped through the forged will and the original. “You tell me,” Eric said simply. “How typical of Eric!” I’m not sure what Mom saw in you!” Sharon exploded, hurling the documents in Eric’s face.

“So, did you do this?” Eric inquired calmly. “I don’t have to answer to you!” Sharon stormed out the door. Eric eventually proved that his sister had duped him and forged a will. Sharon had to return everything she had wrongfully taken possession of to Eric.Eric was relieved that his sister had not sold everything for a quick buck. More than anything, he wanted to preserve his mother’s memory and childhood.

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