The twins were born together…Take a look at what’s wrong with them right now.

Jenna and Gillian, twins born two years ago, have become famous all over the world. The girls were actually born holding each other’s hands. Today, however, they have grown even closer!

Jenna and Gillian’s case is extremely rare — 1 in 10,000. They were born in the same amniotic sac inside the mother’s uterus for two, which is extremely dangerous in the case of twins because it threatens the death of one of them.

Everyone in the room was speechless when the girls were born 45 seconds apart because they were holding each other’s hands.Jenna and Gillian were born holding hands in May 2014. Their case is extremely rare, occurring only once every 10,000 years.

The girls’ birth times differed by 45 seconds.”My heart melted,” says their mother. “My husband was overcome with emotion. The hospital staff was also moved.”Two years have passed, but little has changed.Jenna and Gillian are still extremely close and practically inseparable.

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