A neighbor brings newspapers to the old lady’s door every day until one day he finds them undamaged.

A generous neighbor brings newspapers to an old lady every day until he notices them untouched on her front porch. He knocks on her door to find out what’s going on, but when no one answers, he decides to contact the cops. Michael Green stood on his front porch, waiting for the newspaper hawker to bring him the bundle of morning news. He sighed as he checked his watch, impatient to read the paper, and to his relief, he spotted the man riding up the street only a few seconds later!

“Good morning, Mr. Green. I hope I’m not late!” exclaimed the newsie as he came to a halt near Michael’s house and tossed a newspaper into his yard. Then he went to Michael’s next-door neighbor, an older woman named Agnes, and repeated the process. After the newspaper hawker cycled away, Michael stepped up to his front yard and picked up the newspaper, and then he did the same for Agnes’s house and left the paper on her doorstep.

Agnes was an 88-year-old widow who lived alone. Her husband and son had died in a car accident years before, so the elderly widow had no family. Michael was a kind man who appreciated assisting his neighbors, especially Agnes. Every morning, he delivered the newspaper to her doorstep after she complained to him about how her knees were troubling her in old age.

“You see, sweetie,” she said. “I am an old bird who has seen enough of this life. I hope that when He decides to call me home, I die peacefully in my sleep. I don’t want to be in any more suffering, Michael. I don’t….” Agnes’ words moved Michael’s heart, and he made every effort to assist her in any way he could. With the ongoing winter, when the entire region around them was covered in snow, Michael shoveled the ice in front of her house and often treated her to hot broth or tea.In response, the older lady smiled brightly and said, “If my son were here today, he would look after me just like you do.

You have a loving heart. One day, you see, I shall repay your kindness!”Michael laughed and said, “I don’t need anything, Agnes! I’m not doing this to get something from you; I’m doing it because I genuinely want to help you….” “Old Agnes didn’t forget her promise. i hope this will help you and your family.”
One day, Michael, as usual, sprinted to Agnes’ front door to leave the day’s papers on her doorstep.

But when he came up to her front porch, he noticed the newspapers from the previous days lying there, untouched. Michael thought it odd because Agnes never left anything outside unattended like that. “Is she out somewhere?” he wondered. He realized he hadn’t seen Agnes around in a while. But then he noticed that the lights in her house were still turned on and her clothes were still drying in the backyard.

Worried, Michael knocked on her door, calling out to her. “Agnes? Are you okay? Please open the door! It’s me, Michael!” But there were no responses. The backyard door was locked, too, so Michael knew there was only one option left. He called 911 for help. After a couple of minutes, a team of officers showed up at Agnes’ house and broke open the door. When they marched into the living room, Michael saw a hand protruding from behind the couch. He ran up to the couch, only to find Agnes pallid and unconscious.

“Jesus! Agnes! Someone call the paramedics! She’s unconscious!” he yelled. A cop on the scene called the ambulance and Agnes was taken to the hospital. Michael accompanied her there and Agnes was admitted to the emergency room right away. A doctor informed him that Agnes had fainted from dehydration and fatigue.”It will take some time for her to recuperate, but she will be fine. In a way, you saved her life.

The repercussions may have been grave if she was brought here a little later,” said the doctor. Later that day, when Michael went to see Agnes, she wouldn’t stop thanking him. “Thank you very much, Michael! If you hadn’t shown up, I would have died and no one would have known. Thank you for saving me!” she said weakly. “What happened, Agnes? Why didn’t you inform me you weren’t feeling well?” Michael asked, concerned.

“I was about to, honey,” she said quietly. “I was going to call you, but then I couldn’t think of anything. Everything turned black, and when I woke up, I was here. But, as you can see, God sent you to help me. Don’t worry; this old lady isn’t leaving you so soon….” she added, smiling weakly.”You’re far too reckless, Agnes!” Michael gently scolded her.

“I swear to God! After discharge, you’ll be staying with my family until you’re entirely fine! Do you get that?”At that point, Agnes had tears in her eyes. “I’m not sure what I did to deserve a neighbor like you, Michael. Thank you very much, honey. Thank you very much….” Michael did as he had promised. He took Agnes home after she was discharged. His wife, Stella, and kids, Ryle and Jess, loved having Agnes around and she became family to them.

She also gave Stella her old cookbook with lovely recipes, and Stella’s apple pie was the highlight of their dinner one day. Agnes was supposed to stay with Michael and his family until she was completely recovered, but she enjoyed being around them so much that she stayed for a year. Then she went to her heavenly home one day.

Michael and Stella were in charge of her funeral arrangements. When Michael returned home from the service, he was distraught. The house felt strangely empty without Agnes’s laugh and presence. He eventually went to their guest room, where Agnes was staying, and cried as he looked around. Things were so different when Agnes was around, he reflected. His attention was drawn to a letter on the bedside table. On the top, he immediately recognized Agnes’ handwriting and opened the letter to read it.

“Dear Michael,” it started. “Thank you for being the family that God took away from me many years ago.” I’m not sure why I’m writing this right now, but I have a feeling I should finish it soon. I know I’ll never be able to repay you for your generosity, but I have a modest gift for you that I hope you won’t refuse. Old Agnes remembered her promise. Not that it can make up for the love and care you and your family have shown me, but I am leaving you my house and assets.

In the end, I left my lawyer’s contact information. I hope this is of assistance to you and your family. Michael, I will be eternally grateful for your kindness. Please convey my condolences to your family. Michael was inconsolable. He wiped his tears and went downstairs to show Stella the letter. The couple was grateful to Agnes, and with the inheritance, she left them, they opened a small grocery store in her honor.

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