Before leaving for college, a man shares a touching letter written by his maid.

Many families hire maids to assist with household chores and child-rearing. Most of the time, the maids will be heavily involved in caring for the children from the time they are babies until they are fully independent. Imagine their feelings when the children they have been caring for have to leave the house for college. A Malaysian man recently posted on social media about how his Indonesian maid, whom he referred to as “bibik,” an Indonesian term for “aunt,”

left him a touching letter before he had to leave home for college.Needless to say, the letter touched not only his heart, but the hearts of everyone on the internet. According to the letter, “Assalamualaikum, I’m sorry, Hafiz, but Bibik was unable to assist you. Bibik’s advice to you is to not let your elders down.” “Bibik prays for only the best for you, for you to always be healthy, for you to easily receive blessings, for you to live long, for you to be successful,

for you to achieve your goals, and for everything you’ve always and will ever want.” Amin. I’m sorry, Hafiz, if Bibik ever said anything incorrect.” The touching letter has gone viral on social media, garnering 17,200 likes since it was first shared on Twitter.Following the touching post, some netizens took the opportunity to share their fond memories of their maids.

“When I was 4 to 6 years old, I had a Bibik who looked after me. She moved to my aunt’s house after my mother retired. ‘You’re so big now,’ she said when I saw her after a long time of not seeing her for about a year. I cried as I hugged her, and I still miss her.” “I miss my Bibik, who was always understanding no matter what the situation,” another netizen wrote.

Some netizens even claimed that their maids knew them better than their mothers. “To be honest, my Bibik seems to know me better than my mother at times.” “For example, favorite foods, clothes, and so on,” another netizen added. Many of these maids had been caring for the children of the house since they were infants, and it must have been difficult for them to see the children leave the nest. Nonetheless, if your story is similar to that of this Malaysian man, we believe your bibik will be proud of you!

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