The wedding bouquet almost turned out to be a disaster. A photographer saved everyone.

This bride became well-known on the Internet after her wedding video went viral. And this is why. Emily Jackson meticulously planned her wedding. Even the most meticulously planned wedding can go wrong due to a minor detail. It was this small detail that made the bride famous across the Internet. It is not uncommon for a wedding to be ruined by a karaoke song or a groom who decides that smearing cake on his chosen one’s face is a good idea.

Both the guests and the groom were fine this time. The wedding bouquet and the bride’s own awkwardness let her down. So, a massive loft—style hall, candles everywhere; the bride — or, rather, a young wife. It’s finally time for the first dance! The photographer instructs the bride to place the bouquet in a vase that has been specially installed on a candle-lit table — very romantic.

Emily only managed to set the flowers down and move to the side as the bouquet flared up like a torch!Most likely, one of the bouquet’s ribbons touched the candle flame, and the fire quickly spread to the flowers. Florists most likely used dried flowers in the arrangement because fresh flowers do not burn well. The bouquet had caught fire and had spilled from the vase onto the wooden table.

There were enough wooden objects in the old barn where the wedding was held, as well as enough girls in dangerous synthetic gowns, for the story to end tragically. But the photographer, who did not abandon the bride, reacted faster than you could say “Bitterly!” The girl snatched the bouquet from the blazing composition and waved it in the air several times, extinguishing the flames.

It appeared to work for a split second, but the fire flared up with renewed vigor. The girl then threw the flowers on the ground and began to trample. At that moment, one of the groom’s friends joined her, and they trampled the flowers into the carpet together.”Wedding photographers are fearless and will go to any length for the bride.”

The guests, who had already begun screaming in terror, calmed down and only sighed from their terror. Emily was trembling, and her husband stroked her back. The wedding went on, and no one was hurt — thanks to the excellent professional reaction of the camera girl, who was used to capturing the moment.

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