She burst into tears when she saw that her husband had posted this photo on Facebook. And that was the last straw

The most insignificant things can sometimes become the point of no return especially when it comes to losing weight and rediscovering oneself. After all, there are numerous stories in which a guy or a girl launches themselves or gains weight for some reason, then lives with him for a long time, but then some event occurs that forces them to pull themselves together and change.

Charlotte Burgess, a mother of one, was in tears after her boyfriend shared this photo of her in a hot tub on Facebook, saying her bulges were escaping in every direction. A photo posted on Facebook by her husband was a point of no return for Charlotte Burgess, 25, of Manchester. The woman gained a lot of weight after the birth of her son (114 kg became the highest figure on the scales). This contributed to the couple’s discord, as Charlotte forbade Danny from seeing her naked and refused to share a marital bed.

Her husband posted a photo of Charlotte in a swimsuit sitting in the pool on social media one day. “I saw fat hanging from everywhere,” the young woman exclaimed. It appeared to be disgusting.” Danny was taken aback when Charlotte burst into tears. He didn’t expect his beloved to be so upset by the photograph — he loved his wife in any weight. “It can’t go on like this anymore,” the young woman decided, and she started to change. She lost about 40 kilograms in 10 months and weighed 69 kg at the end of the marathon. Here’s what she has to say about it: “I’ve never felt or looked better.” My weight loss saved our marriage as well as my self-esteem.”

Charlotte had to give birth earlier because of her excess weight, and she couldn’t bear her son for the full 9 months. She admits to eating for four people rather than two. Working as a nurse, combined with the difficulties of being pregnant, occasionally forced me to reach for another sweet to “heal my nerves.” Furthermore, she did not stand at the stove for nearly the entire pregnancy, and they frequently ordered food at home. Even when the female doctor warned Charlotte that she was clinically obese, she was upset; it was a shame, but the woman only continued to eat more. “The blood sugar level was monstrous, and the blood pressure was jumping,” she recalls.

“The doctor pleaded with me to start eating right, if only for the sake of the child’s health, but I ate as I pleased, and by the middle of the fifth month, I had gestational diabetes.” The doctor was concerned about the baby’s size in the fifth month of pregnancy, so I had to have an ultrasound every two weeks from then on. I felt terrible, but I couldn’t break the cycle. I thought I’d never forgive myself if my son was born sick as a result of my actions, but thank God, everything turned out fine.”

However, it was also impossible to lose weight after giving birth. Charlotte decided to use food as a sedative because caring for the baby was mentally exhausting. Ultimately, the newlywed mother became ashamed of her husband, despite the fact that he endured and endured everything. The journey to the Lake District in Cumbria was fateful. Danny, Charlotte’s husband, decided to surprise her with a romantic gift and congratulate her on her three-year anniversary.

Charlotte did not refuse to go, but the thought of undressing in public terrified her. As a result, she covered her entire body in a solid black swimsuit. But after seeing a photo from that trip on Facebook, the woman couldn’t stand being overweight any longer. She followed a strict Cambridge diet for five weeks and lost 13 kg. Recognizing the negative impact on her health, she began to cook steamed vegetables, porridge, and fish, introducing her son to normal proper nutrition.

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