WWII Veteran Discovers His Wartime First Love Is Still Alive, And Their Reunion Is Pure Magic. How they look now?

Some love affairs end prematurely, leaving both parties wondering what if. KT Robbins, a US Army soldier stationed in Briey, France, met and fell in love with a local French girl named Jeannine Ganaye in 1944. Their love blazed brightly, but just two months later, KT’s regiment was summoned to the eastern front. Jeannine and KT were both heartbroken by their abrupt separation, and with the uncertainty of war, they both feared they’d never see each other again.

“Of course, I cried when he left in the truck,” Jeannine recalled. KT went on to fight at D-Day, and after the war, he was returned to the United States to resume his life. Despite the fact that Jeannine and KT moved on in their lives, met new people, and started families of their own, they never forgot the love they felt for one another all those years ago.

KT kept Jeannine’s picture with him for the rest of his life, fondly remembering the love he’d been forced to give up as a young man. When KT was asked to return to France for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, he brought the photo of Jeannine he’d treasured for over seventy-five years and showed it to the reporters covering the commemorative ceremonies.

He told them that he was certain she had died, but that if they could put him in touch with her family, he could tell them how much she meant to him.KT quickly made plans to pay Jeannine a visit at her retirement home. The moment they saw each other, they both reached out to grab “the one that got away.” Everyone in the room was moved to tears by their reunion, and it’s nearly impossible to watch the video without feeling the depth of wistful emotion that surrounds this pair of star-crossed lovers.”I’ve always admired you.

“You’ll never leave my heart,” KT told Jeannine. Jeannine, who speaks only a little English, laughed as she told the reporters, “He said he loves me.” That much I understood.” “I always thought of him, thinking maybe he’ll come,” Jeannine said, explaining why KT had never returned for her all those years before. I was always curious. Always.”

However, the answer was simple: KT had a life and responsibilities back in America, and as time passed, he met and married another woman and simply went on. Jeannine later married and had five children of her own, but her first love was never forgotten.They parted ways again after a few bittersweet hours, this time as friends vowing never to lose touch again. It was love that gave them hope during one of history’s most tumultuous and terrifying periods. Watch the video below to learn more about Jeannine and KT’s enduring love story, and please share it with others to remind them that true love never dies.

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