A Grieving Man Spots His Wife And Son Two Years After Their Funeral

Gerry lived in a small town where he was married to Samantha, his devoted wife. They were childhood sweethearts and dated for the majority of high school. Samantha found out she was pregnant about two years after they married. Gerry was overjoyed, and the two immediately started brainstorming names.Samantha’s pregnancy was difficult. She suffered from fatigue and severe morning sickness. Her nausea lasted until midday and only began to subside in the afternoon. This irritated her, not to mention the additional hormone influxes that are normal during pregnancy.

Samantha’s moodiness perplexed Gerry, and he found himself fantasizing about other women. This is when Mary entered his life. They began an affair with her, despite the fact that it ate away at his guilt.Samantha and Gerry were finally blessed with the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Gerry, on the other hand, realized he had made a terrible mistake. Seeing Samantha and their son together made him realize who was the right person for him, and it wasn’t Mary. His mistress was posing as a threat to his lovely little family, and he wished he could undo the last few months. He ended things with Mary, who agreed but did not take it well.

Gerry’s life then began a new chapter of honesty. Life moved on, and Samantha needed to visit her mother a year later, bringing their one-year-old son with her. Gerry’s fate had a cruel twist in store for him. Samantha and their son were killed in a fatal car accident. Gerry’s heart shattered into a million pieces when Samantha’s mother called with the news. There was a big storm that weekend, so Gerry missed the memorial and cremation, but Samantha’s mother sent him a portion of her ashes.

Gerry, devastated and bereaved, found solace once more in the familiar comfort of Mary’s arms. She re-became his girlfriend as he sought solace from the pain and loneliness that had consumed him. Mary was a lively and vivacious woman, but she couldn’t be more dissimilar to Samantha. Gerry would frequently call Samantha’s mother to see how they were dealing with their loss. He was always astounded by how quickly her parents seemed to progress. Now that their child was no longer alive, they decided to relocate to France, where they could enjoy their retirement in peace and free of memories of their deceased daughter and grandchild.

Gerry missed Samantha’s motherly qualities even two years after they cremated her. He was well aware that Mary had no desire to start a family. Children, Mary would tell Gerry, are too much trouble. But that didn’t stop him from trying again. Gerry was a fatherly man who kept his baby’s picture close to him at all times.His heart continues to ache for their loss. Mary would be envious if he discovered Samantha’s photos anywhere, so he kept them hidden in his wallet. There was a concealed compartment. Mary texted Gerry one day, telling him to hurry home after work because she had a surprise for him.

She gave him an envelope containing two plane tickets to France. Gerry was certainly taken aback, but this was Mary’s dream, not his. Nonetheless, he agreed to her excited babbling. Mary became ill shortly after they arrived in France. It wasn’t anything major, but she didn’t feel like going sightseeing while she was bedridden, so Gerry went out on his own to explore the picturesque countryside. Gerry’s thoughts wandered through the streets of France as he wandered through the heavy turn of events in his life.

He was feeling guilty and sad when he noticed a woman who looked exactly like Samantha in a shop window. His eyes widened in disbelief as he spun around for a better look. The woman was accompanied by a small boy who appeared to be their son.Gerry summoned the courage to approach her and called out Samantha’s name, overwhelmed by a mixture of hope and confusion. To his surprise, the woman turned around, her face expressionless. She had clearly not expected that. Samantha’s eyes widened in horror as she saw Gerry standing in front of her. She warned him to stay away, as if she wanted nothing more than to flee.

She then demanded to know how he had discovered her. Her voice was both medicine for Gerry’s soul and a whip cracking against his skin. He had assumed they were both lost forever. Gerry was able to speak to Samantha as soon as he regained control of his voice. “How… why?” he stuttered. As a result, she revealed a painful truth.
She had apparently visited Samantha while Gerry was at work, shortly after Gerry had broken up with Mary. She introduced herself as Gerry’s girlfriend and revealed their affair while Samantha was pregnant.

Samantha devised a plan to disappear from Gerry’s life entirely, fearing that their son would grow up with a cheating father. She wished to shield their child from negative influences. She even got her mother involved, which added to the credibility. They forged a death certificate in order for Samantha and the baby to relocate to France under new names and identities. Then three more people approached him, and their son extended his arms to the man, calling him “dada.” Gerry’s heart was breaking, but there was nothing he could do to persuade his son that he was his father.

Gerry figured out who the other two were: Samantha’s parents. They had relocated to France to be closer to their daughter and grandson. Gerry was left to rot in his misery.Gerry begged Samantha, explaining that he had regretted the affair and had ended things with Mary. Samantha, however, would not budge no matter how hard he tried to persuade her that he had chosen her. Gerry noticed her wedding ring when she put her arm around the man their child called Dada. It wasn’t the one he’d put on her finger all those years before. Gerry left with a heart that was even more broken than before.

He realized how much his decisions had harmed his family, and he realized that regret could not undo the wrong he had done.Gerry was greeted with unexpected news when he returned to the hotel where he and Mary were staying. Mary had a doctor come to their hotel room to see her. He ran some tests and discovered that her illness was caused by her pregnancy. Gerry wasn’t sure how many more surprises he could handle on that particular day. He wasn’t sure how to react because Mary had stated openly that she didn’t want children.

Unfortunately, Mary’s mind had not changed, and she had scheduled an abortion appointment for the near future. She claimed she only told Gerry because she felt compelled to. He realized the real reason when she used his credit card to pay for the appointment. He confronted her about Samantha and how she had lied to his wife about her pregnancy. Of course, she denied it. When Gerry dropped her off at the hospital, he tried once more to persuade her to reconsider the child.

She flatly refused. So, with a big sigh, he told her he was leaving her. He sent her enough money to last the rest of their vacation and to last for a few months after she returned home. He did, however, take the first flight home. He was prepared to face the consequences of his actions.

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