After smelling his favorite deodorant in the intensive care unit, a boy awakens from a three-week coma.

Kacper Krauze, 13, had been comatose for three weeks until his mother brought the deodorant he used every day into the intensive care unit. According to the Daily Mail, the schoolboy was fighting for his life after being discovered submerged for 25 minutes underwater in February of this year. Kacper was out paddling with his friends on the River Eden in Cumbria when the trip took a tragic turn.Because he was unable to swim, he became completely submerged in the river’s freezing water.

Eventually, emergency services were able to pull him out of the water, and medics from the Great North Air Ambulance were able to resuscitate him right away. They were able to restart his heart, but he went into a deep coma due to a lack of oxygen after being submerged in water for 25 minutes. He was then taken to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Kacper was still fighting for his life in a coma three weeks later when his mother brought his deodorant to the intensive care unit. He had been using the same deodorant every day before the accident. Mrs. Krauze, his mother, said a nurse suggested she bring Kacper’s toiletries to wash him with. “We had tried everything to get him to wake up. Mrs. Krauze explained, “A nurse suggested I bring in some of his toiletries to wash him with.”

“As soon as I sprayed the Lynx (deodorant), he opened his eyes.” He must have remembered his favorite scent.” “It was a miracle,” she continued. Mrs. Krauze claims that Kacper has always used deodorant and that he still does. Their family was still taken aback when Kacper awoke from a coma after smelling his Lynx deodorant.”We had tried everything to bring him out of his coma. “We had played music and talked to him for hours,” she explained.

“However, it was the Lynx who did it in the end.” “I couldn’t believe it.” The schoolboy is still having difficulty with his speech and using his right arm, but he has made a full recovery. The unexpected revelation has also surprised Kacper. “I’ve always had a thing for Lynx. It’s my favorite odor. It has always been that way. “I never imagined it would bring me out of a coma,” he said. “I will continue to wear it now and forever.” It’s my good luck charm.”

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