After a family feud, a 15-year-old girl is forced to give up her baby. She Meets Her Grown-Up Daughter 50 Years Later

Davina McCall, the host of ITV’s “Long Lost Family,” stunned Pauline Pedder by revealing that her long-lost daughter had been found and had been following her on social media for the past three years.Pauline Pedder became pregnant at the age of 14, resulting in a family feud that forced her to give her baby up for adoption. She frequently pondered her child’s fate over the years, which led her to seek the help of the popular television show “Long Lost Family,” which is known for reuniting relatives.

The show was tasked with finding Pauline’s daughter. Davina McCall, the show’s host, revealed that they had found her daughter, Carol Whitehead, who had been actively following her birth mother on social media for some time. “I was astounded,” Pauline admitted. “I joined Facebook in 2015 to stay up to date on family news.” While Pauline was saddened by the fact that they could have spent more time together, the overwhelming joy of finally being reunited more than compensated for the lost time.

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Carol revealed that after her adoptive mother died, she set out on a quest to find her biological family. She found Pauline’s Facebook profile with the help of a friend. Carol, fearful of rejection, silently followed her birth mother’s status updates and shared photos. Carol saved a screenshot of Pauline’s Facebook profile picture on her phone instead of contacting her directly. “My partner and friends tried to persuade me to contact her, but I wasn’t sure how she’d react to me,” she explained. Also, I could tell from her Facebook photos that she had children, and I wasn’t sure if she’d told them anything about me.”

Carol happened upon Pauline’s profile by chance after a casual comment made by a friend. “We were out one night and we were talking about adoption,” she recalled the incident. ‘Do you want me to look for your mother?’ she asked. Carol couldn’t believe it when she made the discovery one night. Her picture revealed the resemblance, and her excitement made it difficult to fall back asleep. Carol went on her Facebook page the next day, curious about her life.

Pauline, who grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with eight siblings, became pregnant at the age of 14. She was unable to confide in her parents, so she confided in two close friends. Her principal, however, eventually discovered the truth and expelled her from school. He provided a letter for Pauline to give to her parents, but she never did.Instead, she took refuge at her boyfriend’s house and pretended to go to school every day. Her father, on the other hand, confronted her after learning that one of his daughters was pregnant.

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Pauline recalled the difficult time by saying, “My dad said, ‘If you’re having a baby, you won’t be bringing the baby home here.'” Pauline was also forbidden from going out by her father. She lost contact with her boyfriend, and her father informed her that the baby would be placed for adoption. Carol, Pauline’s older sister, offered to take both Pauline and the baby in, but their father threatened to cut off contact with them if that happened. As a result, Pauline was placed in a mother-and-baby unit, a special facility for women experiencing mental health issues during pregnancy, where she gave birth to a girl named Louise.

Pauline, who was only 15 years old, cared for her daughter, feeding and changing her and washing her clothes. “I bonded with her immediately,” she recalls fondly. I came from a large family and had to fight for my parents’ love. Mum was constantly having another baby, but this little girl was mine to love.” Her father, however, was adamant, and she was told to say goodbye to her daughter and leave so that the child could be picked up by the adoptive parents. Pauline remembered telling her daughter, “When you grow up, we might run into each other in Woolworths and you’ll remember me and I’ll remember you.

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“Pauline only had a photograph from her pregnancy to cling to. “I loved that picture,” she admitted, “because it showed that she existed.” It wasn’t a fantasy for her; it was a reality. “I always kept it with me, and every now and then, I’d look at it and think of her.” Pauline married at the age of 16 and had four more children, Tracie, Steven, Samantha, and Stephanie. Despite her joy, she felt a void, as if someone was missing from their lives. Despite this, Carol was always considered a member of the family, and they talked about her as if she were present, despite her physical absence.

Carol had a happy childhood with her adoptive parents, Michael and Nora, while living in Huddersfield with her partner Rohan. When she was 18, she attempted to locate her birth mother but ran into numerous roadblocks. “My mum got really upset that I was looking, so that was another reason not to do it,” Carol says. “Then I got pregnant when I was 18, so I put it aside.”

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