The lovers moved the wedding to the hospital at the last moment – and that’s why

Many couples have had to reschedule their weddings multiple times in the last year. The more festive and spectacular the ceremony became. And these newlyweds, on the other hand, decided to forego the extra pathos and hold a small wedding in the hospital. What motivated them to do it? These guys had the entire year 2020 to plan every detail of the wedding ceremony.

They selected a gown, a veil, and a bouquet; discussed the guest list and seating arrangements; agreed on the menu; and agreed with the photographer. The ceremony was set for June 5, and the couple was looking forward to the special day. But one hiccup ruined the happy mood. Taura, the bride’s mother, was admitted to the hospital. Taura received a terrible diagnosis in 2018: stage four lung cancer.

She was fighting for her life, but another setback occurred on the eve of the wedding. Taura’s condition deteriorated, and she was placed on a ventilator. It was already obvious that the future mother-in-law would not be present at the ceremony. But the girl was not going to tolerate this situation. She conferred with the groom, and the lovers devised a plan of escape.Carly Auddino and her future husband decided to postpone their wedding and spend the day in the hospital.

Of course, it was impossible to invite everyone’s friends, but a small ceremony could be planned. All in order for a loved one to be present on an important day. It was more important to the bride than a lavish celebration, a magnificent gown, or a large crowd of guests.”She fought so long and so hard, and she wanted to be at this wedding, so I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure she could attend,” Carly says.

The girl obtained permission from the doctors and coordinated the ceremony with a group of patients from her mother’s department. The wedding was held in the hospital’s conference room. Carly walked down the aisle on her fiance’s arm, followed by her four brothers, while her closest relatives and friends stood in the hall. Tauri was unable to get out of bed, but the patient was wheeled into the hall on her, and the woman was positioned so that she could see the celebration.

Taura immediately recovered after the wedding. But she was still too sick to attend a full-fledged celebration, which her daughter had planned for June 5. The newlywed mother-in-law received photos and a video clip shot specifically for her by a bride’s friend. They didn’t forget about mom; everyone wore bracelets with the inscription “Taura is persistent,” and her favorite song was played just for her. “We kept thinking about her throughout the ceremony, and we knew she’d be with us mentally.”

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