Watch below! How Early Americans Prepared Macaroni And Cheese In 1807

You could be forgiven for not knowing mac and cheese existed more than 200 years ago. We were years old when we discovered this for ourselves. While the idea of early 1800s mac and cheese may seem outlandish to some, this video will walk you through the process. Justine Dorn of Early American is also on hand to provide a helpful tutorial, showing us exactly how it’s done.

We are grateful for her assistance in making the recipe simple. The dish may not have been as popular in the past, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t popular at the time. The finished product differs slightly from what you might have expected, but this should come as no surprise to anyone. In addition to the familiar and beloved macaroni and cheese, the meal also includes greens and beef pie.”

Beef steak pie, mustard greens, and a dish that resembles what we now call macaroni and cheese.” “See how food has evolved while we demonstrate how meals were prepared by those who came before us,” Dorn explained in her YouTube video.If you’re wondering where I got the recipe, it’s from Charles Milligan’s The Housekeeper’s Instructor. The instructions are very simple, and almost anyone can follow them, whether they consider themselves to be cooking experts or not.

If we’re being honest, those are our favorite kinds of recipes.Sure, it’s nice to be able to stretch your culinary muscles and experiment with more complex dishes. It’s also nice to find meals that don’t require much help. We prefer to be able to work intuitively rather than constantly hovering over a recipe. Justine has made it possible for us to enjoy macaroni and cheese in the same way that people did in 1807. Watch the video below:

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