Watch how a pizza delivery guy became an old woman’s savior in the video below.

It’s amazing how often we find ourselves in the right place at the right time.Joey Herrera, a pizza delivery guy for Westshore Pizza in Florida, once saved the life of an elderly lady. Annie Goshen, 90, was cutting flowers in her garden when she tripped and fell to the ground.Joey had just finished a delivery when he noticed someone laying on the ground; it was Annie, who had fallen and was unable to get up.

The helpful delivery man immediately assisted Annie in getting into her home. He sat her down in a living room chair and offered her some water.Joey dialed 911 and stayed with Annie until paramedics arrived to ensure she was okay; thanks to his concern and prompt response, Annie was completely fine when the medics arrived.

Annie’s Ring doorbell camera captured the entire incident, and when her children found out about the young man’s kindness to their mother, they made sure to thank him. Annie’s children personally thanked Joey and presented him with a $350 reward. They claimed that their mother would not have survived the incident if it hadn’t been for the young man’s concern.

Joey’s boss at Westshore Pizza also praised him and gave him a bonus, which we can all agree he deserved. In the video below, you can see how a pizza delivery guy became an elderly woman’s savior.

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