There isn’t enough money for a babysitter, so a courier father drives his daughter to work in a box.

Approximately 1.5% of China’s population is currently impoverished. This young family is no different. Mom and dad are clinging to a job that keeps them afloat, and their young daughter has to “work” with them almost from birth. The South China Morning Post website recently published a short story about a courier from the Chinese province of Jiangsu who is forced to bring his young daughter to work every day.

Since he was five months old, Li Fei Er has accompanied Dad. A plastic food delivery box serves as a cradle for a girl from an early age. Dad filled it with a soft mattress, diapers, and a bottle of a mixture, and mounted it on his moped so that his daughter was always in his sight. The girl is now two years old, and she still wakes up in a box every morning.There is no one with whom to leave the baby.

Li Fei Er’s mother has been working for a long time, selling meat at the local market. The family cannot afford a nanny or a nursery. The earnings are barely enough to cover the cost of a rented room of only 10 square meters and the purchase of the necessities. The child is cared for by both parents in turn. From 9 to 11 a.m., the girl and her father deliver orders throughout the city and eat breakfast on the run.

And at lunchtime, when the majority of the customers have left, mom takes her to the market, where her daughter sits quietly in a corner and occasionally assists her with cleaning. If the Chinese woman is released early, Li Fei Er will have an evening to himself. The girl has no friends because she does not have the opportunity to meet new people. There are also insufficient funds for toys.

According to the girl’s father, they did not choose this fate and understand that raising their daughter in this manner is wrong, but the family has no other option.
Riding a moped in any weather caused Li Fei Er to become ill with pneumonia at the age of 5 months. The parents had to spend almost all of their savings on their daughter’s treatment and recovery from her illness.

Other disturbing incidents occurred, such as when Li Fei Er removed her diaper and lay wet in a box, and her father did not have time to change her clothes because he was rushing on a moped on a busy highway. My daughter ran away a couple of times, and I had to go looking for her.Strangers frequently make comments to parents and ask why they put their daughter in danger when they see a little girl riding a moped in a box.

Dad dislikes the attention; he doesn’t have time to explain to everyone why he can’t leave the girl with anyone. After all that she had to endure as a child, the man hopes that he will be able to provide her with a better future. The family began to receive grocery parcels after the video with Li Fei Er went viral on social media. Many people offered to assist their parents financially.

But my father refuses to accept the money. He believes that his family does not live in the worst possible circumstances. He describes his marriage as happy, and his daughter is a true blessing to him, as her smile helps him cope with all difficulties and not be discouraged.

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