Only a genius can find the 3 differences in less than 20 seconds!

You can start your adventure by testing your brain with various puzzles of varying difficulty, then battle in your stadium of knowledge and win by finding the answers. Entice your brain with a variety of puzzles of varying difficulty, compete in your knowledge arena, and emerge victorious by discovering the answers. The answers are provided at the end for your convenience.

The solutions are provided at the end of each puzzle to make things easier for you. Now, look at the image with a quick glance; your perplexing question is presented in the image below. Take a few moments to jot down the question and think about it carefully.

You can solve the puzzle with a pen and paper or, if you prefer, with an iPad. The answer may be difficult, but if you can identify the trick in the question, you should be able to solve it in under a minute. Now, take a quick look at the image; your brain-activating question is available in the image below.

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