“Everything happened quickly”: the husband himself took a daughter from his wife, who gave birth in 30 minutes

Despite his lack of experience and medical care, the Briton acted with surprising calm. Joe Guest, a West Yorkshire resident, had to pull himself together quickly when his partner Charlotte Symonds went into labor – after all, the couple’s agreed-upon midwives did not have time to come and take the baby. According to Metro.co.uk, the woman had already “moved around” but did not want to go to the hospital, hoping to give birth to her daughter at home with professional medical care. But everything went wrong when it became clear that Charlotte was about to become a mother just half an hour after labor began.

She had no one to rely on except Joe, a business analyst who works far away from obstetrics.Joe Guest and his daughter from a previous relationship Recognizing that he would have to deliver the baby, Joe dialed 911 and began following the operator’s instructions. When he saw the baby’s head, the man panicked and even cried softly, but he tried to pull himself together because only he could help Charlotte. The couple’s daughter, whom they named Ophelia, was born after their first attempt.

“Something incredible happened,” recalls the young father. “There are only two of us, and a second later another person appears in the room.” The rescue team arrived quickly. They examined the girl and her mother and found nothing to be concerned about. Despite the fact that Ophelia was born outside the walls of a medical facility, she was a strong and healthy child. Charlotte is grateful to Joe for his assistance. “He is a true hero.”

You did an excellent job. He acted very calmly when I told him I was about to give birth. “I didn’t hear any panic in his voice,” the young mother observes. The operator of the rescue service also praised Jo. According to the woman, she was concerned that the man would struggle and that something would go wrong, but everything worked out in the end. “This very rarely happens,” she says. And he had to give birth in the park because he didn’t have time to take his wife to the hospital.

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