A 78-year-old woman gives herself an amazing makeover! The final image of her is stunning!

We all know that beauty goes beyond the surface, but makeup can help you feel more confident in yourself. Take a leaf out of Joann Hopkins’ book. With her glossy lips and cat eyes, this feisty lady is 78 years old and loves feeling fabulous. Joann knows a thing or two about quality makeup, given that her son is Christopher Hopkins, aka The MakeOverGuy.

Christopher has a popular YouTube channel where he offers uplifting, inspirational, and informative videos as well as exclusive makeover services. The apple did not fall far from the tree, as the saying goes. In this special episode of The MakeOverGuy, his mother takes center stage and walks us through her routine from beginning to end.Joann is not only stunning, but she is also hilarious!

Her opening line, as she looks at her “before” face, captures her sassy personality perfectly. “Oh! That’s not good. I appear to have died. “I hope I made it to heaven.” This is quickly followed by “I have to love you more than I can say in order to do this.” Joann is chatting away while applying foundation, blush, and bronzer. “I remember a woman at church asking me when I was about 30 if I was ever going to stop wearing makeup.

So, I guess not!” She then admits that she does not remove her makeup at night. “I don’t want to look like hell with the person I love the most going to bed,” she says, “so it’s on until morning, then I clean it off and start again!”Dermatologists do not advocate for this course of action. Sleeping with makeup on can clog pores and cause pimples. It may also prevent the skin from repairing itself while you sleep, which can contribute to aging skin.

Joann doesn’t seem to mind, and she’s clearly aging well! Joann is, in fact, more than fine. She’s as sharp as a tack and as hilarious as they come! While applying eyeliner, she said the following: “I enjoy the cat eye. Not much because I’m wrinkled and it doesn’t do as much as it used to. However, a little goes a long way.”

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