“We will remember this wedding for a long time!” The bride’s water broke during the first dance

18-year-old Carl Mountford and his 19-year-old pregnant wife, Danny, took to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. The music began to play when Danny felt something warm running down her leg — labor had begun.Despite the fact that the wedding was in full swing, Danny and Carl took a taxi to the hospital right away.

“The DJ was still playing, people were drinking drinks, and we were already leaving the event,” recalls the girl. Only in the prenatal ward was the expectant mother able to remove her wedding gown, which had become soaked through. Jasmine was born early the next morning. The girl weighed 2.9 kg and appeared to be in good health.

Despite the shocks, Danny remembers this day fondly: “One minute I’m dancing with my new husband, and the next minute I’m giving birth to a daughter.” The birth on our wedding day was the biggest surprise for us, but it was they who made it even more memorable and special for us, and it will always be that way.”

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