Robert De Niro, 79, Breaks Silence On Friend Al Pacino’s Surprising Baby News That Has Hollywood Shaken

After his good friend Al Pacino revealed some shocking news, actor Robert De Niro has finally broken his silence. The star revealed that he and his girlfriend are expecting a child, which shocked the entire Hollywood industry. After all, Pacino is 83, and this is not the kind of news anyone expected from him.The actor appeared on a morning talk show, where he was seen smiling and talking about his own career.

He expressed his delight at being here and participating in programs like these after a long absence. However, many people were unaware that one contentious issue had yet to be addressed. Everyone was thinking about the same thing. What was Al Pacino’s true reaction to the news of a baby at the age of 83? De Niro spoke with NBC morning talk show hosts about the situation in depth.

He claims he has no idea what the fuss is about. He’s content, and everyone should be as well.People have come to a halt as a result of the shocking news. The entire Hollywood industry expressed their surprise at the confirmation of a baby at this age. Remember that Pacino had requested a DNA test for the baby because he had recently broken up with the mother.

But it appears that fate had other plans.De Niro admitted that his friend is slightly older than him, but that’s fine. It’s a time for great celebration, and the world should treat it as such. When asked how he felt about parenthood at this age, the celebrity says De Niro was great at it and was very aware of what he was getting into.

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