This father did not like the name of his son, and he what he did is unbelievable

Who gets to choose the baby’s name? The mother chose a name for the child that her husband despises so much that he is ready to divorce her. It is always difficult to choose a name for a newborn. A disagreement over a child’s name can divide a family for years: the mother—in—law wants to name her son after his late grandfather, the mother – a trendy name, and the father – in honor of a rock star or a football player. However, this woman chose to name her son after an ex-boyfriend.

They’ve been together for four years, but the guy claims that it sometimes appears that all three of them are in a relationship. Him, her, and her ex-husband. They dated for eight years, and she never seemed to be able to “let go” of her previous relationship. All she talks about is how things were. When her ex-boyfriend returned to town, she introduced him to her new partner as if nothing had happened.The couple was overjoyed that they would soon be parents.

Perhaps the guy secretly hoped that by doing so, the partner would finally forget about the “perfect ex.” They argued a lot about the name for the unborn baby and appeared to reach an agreement. However, a few days after the mother was released from the hospital, the young father was required to sign the birth certificate. And he was just stunned.

The first and second names of his wife’s ex-boyfriend were listed in the column “child’s name”! The guy just blew up. He would not sign the certificate under that name. He demanded an explanation and stated that he would not sign the document until the name they had chosen together appeared on it. But my wife flatly refused to change a thing.She explained her error by saying she was tired and confused.

She, on the other hand, was not going to change the name in the document. She endured all of her husband’s scandals and declared that the child would live with the chosen name. The husband then had to restrain himself: he declared that with this name, the child would grow up without a father. The husband even decided that the child was not his, but rather that of another man.

It’s not a coincidence that his wife chose such a name for the baby: both the first and second can’t be coincidences. He was at a loss for what to do and turned to Reddit to ask if he should take a paternity test. The subscribers responded that this entire situation is a huge red flag and that he should absolutely do a DNA test.

In no case should he sign the birth certificate unless he is certain that the child is his. Many people believe that the young mother still has feelings for her ex. And she should not accept paternal responsibilities until a DNA test confirms paternity and she changes her name to the one they chose together.

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