Why Over 1,000 people want to adopt abandoned this newborn baby?

A newborn named “Baby India” made headlines after she was discovered abandoned in a plastic bag in a wooded area of Georgi. What appears to be a heartbreaking discovery has taken a positive turn of events, with over 1,000 people stepping forward to offer the baby a new home since the news broke. Many people have approached Forsyth County officials and offered to adopt Baby India, according to The Today Show.

On June 6, a local family discovered the newborn, still covered in blood and with her umbilical cord attached, in a tied-up plastic bag in a wooded area near their house, and Forsyth Sheriff’s Deputy Terry Roper rescued her. Kyler and Kayla Ragatz, who initially thought the strange noise coming from the wooded area was coming from a cat, investigated the sound with their parents. That’s when they came across the abandoned baby.

They later called local police, and Roper, the first person on the scene, rescued the baby. Roper’s bodycam footage captured the moment the police officer scooped Baby India out of the plastic bag and wrapped her in a makeshift blanket to keep her warm.”Take a look at yourself, sweetheart. “I’m so sorry,” the officer apologized.

Because there was no information about the baby’s parents, the police decided to name her Baby India. The newborn is now in the custody of the county’s Division of Family and Children Services as a result of the incident.

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