Four children were discovered alive after surviving a plane crash and 40 days in the jungle.

After a 5-week struggle, four children, ages 13, 9, and 4, as well as an 11-month-old baby, were ultimately rescued in Colombia. Several weeks ago, news sources stated that the youngsters had been rescued after spending two weeks in the bush. However, the announcement was made too soon. In actuality, search teams had only discovered the downed plane that had killed the three adults on board, including the children’s mother.

Rescuers also discovered evidence that the youngsters were still alive after uncovering leftover fruit that the children had eaten and improvised shelters in the jungle.However, rescuers were unable to locate the children. They did not, however, give up. The hunt continued for several weeks, with searchers using megaphones to broadcast messages from their grandma and dropping flyers and food in the hopes that the children would discover them.

“Everything is planned to insert (in the jungle) the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare food kits, which are designed to extend the lives of the (missing) children in the area.” We will use loudspeakers in the vicinity, as well as distribute flyers (with a message for the children). On May 20, 2023, authorities stated, “We will exhaust all possibilities in order to locate these four children.”

“We are looking for you,” the flyers said in Spanish and Indigenous languages. Do not go any farther. Stay close to a canyon or a watercourse. Make some noise. Make some smoke. We’ll come to your aid. We’re almost there. Fatima, your grandma, and her family are seeking for you.” It would take several weeks to locate the youngsters. The children lived in the Amazon jungle for 40 days in all.

Despite being malnourished and covered in mosquito bites, the children shown incredible resourcefulness in living in the tough environments.The children’s indigenous community claims that their grandmother’s teachings helped them survive. “This is a pristine woodland, dense and perilous… “They would have used the knowledge they gained in the community, the ancestral knowledge, to survive,” John Moreno, an Indigenous leader from nearby Vaupes,

old Cambio.Brigadier General Pedro Sanchez, who was part of the search team, described the hunt in the deep bush to a “flea in the carpet” two days before the children were located. “This isn’t a needle in a haystack; it’s a tiny flea in a rug,” she says. But, God forbid, if they were dead, we would have found them by now because they would still be alive,” the Brigadier General was quoted as stating by the Guardian.

The children wrapped leaves around their feet, making it harder to find them in the dense jungle, but sniffer dogs assisted in locating them. The children, who are malnourished and covered in insect bites, are being taken to a neighboring hospital to heal and reunite with their families.

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