After warning his 7-year-old daughter to care for her hair, a single father follows through on his threat to cut it.

Parents want the best for their children, yet there are so many conflicting parenting methods. That is how some well-meaning parents might make blunders with their children. That’s what happened when a single father asked on Reddit, “Was I wrong to cut my daughter’s hair?” Parents constantly issue empty threats, even though they are usually ineffective. It is advised to keep promises, which is exactly what this father did. He threatened to clip off his daughter’s hair if she didn’t take care of it.

When he followed through, many Reddit users replied, “Yes, you were wrong.” The lone father begins by describing the circumstance. His seven-year-old daughter has long hair that reaches her navel. He repeatedly threatened her that if she didn’t brush her hair twice a day, he would chop it short. Every morning is a challenge, he says. The girl’s birth mother approved of the haircut. Keep in mind that the father has long hair that reaches his chest, and he’s instructed her how to brush it. He sees her caring for her own hair as a form of cleanliness.

“I told her that I can do it, and so can she,” he wrote. “I’ve shown her several times how I bring my hair over my chest to brush the bottom, which she lacks dexterity for.” I start at the bottom and work my way up.” He followed through on his threat one morning after yet another dispute. “I cut her hair to about an inch below her shoulders,” he explained in his letter. “She was heartbroken. She cried for another hour as I drove her to my parents’ house to watch her while I went to work.

My mother and sister were both furious with me. My mother warned me that if I don’t start taking parenting classes, I’ll damage my daughter, and that chopping her hair was absolutely needless.” He then asked Reddit for candid feedback on his actions, wondering if he had overreacted or if he should have provided more warnings before snipping. Many people agreed with his decision to punish her and praised him for giving her a shoulder-length haircut rather than cutting her head. They did, however, chastise the single father for “cutting it in the heat of the moment.”

Saying, ‘Okay, well, we’ve discussed this fifty times, so tonight after work we’re going to have to cut it,’ and then doing it later, would have been a better way.” Some of those who agreed with him had their hair cut as children or had a similar dilemma with their children who were not ready for the responsibility of long hair. After all, long hair tangles easily, and most kids dislike the tedious and perhaps painful process of brushing it out.

Some people complained that she shouldn’t have to care for her hair at this age. Others advised him to use detangling sprays, conditioner, and to wear his hair in braids. Some others seemed to believe that seven-year-olds are fully capable of caring for their own hair. One user offered suggestions for how to proceed. “I recommend that you sit down with your daughter and apologize for what occurred.”

I believe it would cheer her immensely if you assisted her in doing something enjoyable with her new hair… It’s critical that you let your daughter to express herself, and removing her long hair radically alters her appearance.” The single father is back with an update. He wanted to explain certain facts he left out in his earlier mail.

“I brush her hair every morning, and she has complained about the tangles hurting her for the last three years.” I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for conditioner and new brushes, but the ones we have were purchased from a hairdresser with her in mind.” Years ago, he started talking to her about how people with long hair have to work harder to keep it looking good.

He’s been trying to convince her to start brushing her teeth, but he didn’t expect her to do it herself. This, however, did not work. “She makes no effort, drops the brush, and wanders off to play games, which is where the argument arises.” She doesn’t have to be self-sufficient, but she should make an effort.”
He has also taken her to a hairdresser to have her hair cut professionally.

The single father has promised not to cut her hair again and has apologized to her. Fortunately, the daughter appears to be in good health. “She appears to have already recovered.” She’s no longer upset. “I suppose the initial trauma hit her hard this morning.” He also clarified one horrifying misunderstanding that some had regarding the scenario. “I did not RESTRICT MY DAUGHTER. I told her to get the scissors, which she did and delivered to me, and I told her to sit in front of me.”

His key takeaway from this incident is a lesson that all parents should learn. “I think what I can learn from this is to set clear boundaries and consequences, and to always follow through with a cool head.”This is an excellent technique for well-meaning parents to ensure that their behaviors are entirely beneficial to their children. Discipline methods for children vary, but all involve well-defined boundaries and consequences dealt with serenity and affection. Congratulations to the single father for learning from his mistakes and striving to improve his parenting abilities.

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