At his owners’ wedding, a lovable Labrador retriever creates a hilarious scene.

The behavior of dogs is unpredictable. No matter how well-trained you believe they are, expect their playfulness and “being a dog” to come through in some form.Dogs enjoy spending time with their owners. They will readily express their excitement when they meet their owners again after being separated from them for either a minute or an hour.

When a dog is happy, you can tell by looking at his tail. When it wags quickly and widely, it implies they are overjoyed to meet you.Kate Gueno and her husband own Colonel, an enthusiastic Labrador Retriever.He was designated as an honorary groomsman/ring bearer at their wedding in Portsmouth,

Rhode Island.Kate and her husband even recruited Danielle Marcheso, a dog trainer, to teach Colonel how to walk down the aisle gracefully while carrying their wedding rings.When the big day arrived, Colonel appeared to forget everything he had learnt during his training when he met his owners at the altar.

Colonel is running down the aisle, his gaze fixed on his owners. He jumped over his father and rushed around the altar, knocking over the microphone stand.Despite the fact that things did not go as planned, Kate stated that she would not have had it any other way.

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