She fulfills her dream and demonstrates extreme self-love by marrying herself at the age of 77.

After marrying herself, a woman who felt her previous marriage was ‘doomed’ from the start has finally experienced the wedding of her dreams.
Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Fideli, 77, married herself in a unique ceremony after deciding to dedicate herself to… herself.Dorothy remarked that she was ‘nervous’ yet ‘excited’ for the wedding at her retirement home, O’Bannon Terrace, when asked about self-love.

Dottie married for the first time in a hurried courtroom ceremony in 1965, but she and her fianc√© separated nine years later. She now believes it was never intended to work out. She was doomed from the start since she was dressed in a black gown, she claimed. Dottie has spent the years since mostly alone, constantly worried that she was ‘too late’ to attend her dream wedding.

That is, until she discovered one day that the love of her life had been with her the entire time. It had to have been her! Dottie got the idea to marry herself after her neighbors suggested it to her after witnessing something similar happen on a talk show. The mother of three believes she now has a second chance to accomplish something she enjoys. She has been alone for 40 years.

Dottie is committed to herself, but she is especially grateful to her daughter Donna, who helped organize the big day. Donna not only assisted her mother in locating appropriate attire for her mother’s special day, but she also decorated the retirement home’s common room, where the celebration would be held, and cooked meals for all of Dottie’s visitors.

According to Dottie, this is the finest thing she has ever had, aside from having children. She has always wanted something, and she is pleased that her daughter has given it to her. Dottie said she never imagined herself looking this beautiful in her veil and gown. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for her because it’s something she’s always wanted.

Dottie was pleased to have a day to herself after spending the majority of her life caring for her children and grandchildren. She expressed her desire for her life to revolve solely on her. It’s now her turn to do whatever she wants.

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