Homeless couple sets aside own troubles to take care of missing teen with special needs for 3 weeks

One of the greatest fears for parents is definitely the case of a missing child. Who would take care of their child? What would make the situation more distressing would be if the child has special needs . People who go missing with special needs and mental disabilities, including dementia, may have problems communicating their circumstances to others.

Micah has learning disabilities and disappeared on December 10.

This very scenario happened to Kate Byrum-Kocurek and her husband, Brandon in December last year. Micah, their 17-year-old son with special needs, was last seen at the family’s River Oaks apartment in Westheimer, Houston on December 10.Kate recalled her last conversation with her son: “I was just telling him you have to do your chores. You have to get along with your siblings.” Micah then went out for a walk at around 10 pm, and then disappeared.Within 15 minutes, Kate and her husband started looking for Micah. She said, “I looked both ways and across the street. I thought we would walk this way because this is the way we walk his little sister to school.

He left his phone, he left his shoes, he left in exactly what he was wearing. Black basketball shorts with red accents and a navy t-shirt.”Alerted to his disappearance, family, friends, and the whole community began searching frantically for the teen.Kate and Brandon, and Micah’s four siblings posted signs, looked for clues on surveillance videos, and checked his online gaming chatrooms for information.

Kate shares the story of how Micah got lost and was eventually found.

Houston Police, the Texas Center for the Missing, Texas EquuSearch, and plenty of people online shared flyers and called nearby businesses, hospitals, and shelters, all hoping to find Micah, who had multiple learning disabilities. The family was fairly new to Houston, having just moved from Texas City in June so Kate could be closer to her cancer treatments.

“I have stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer, and it is spreading. It’s already in my liver,” she said. What worried Kate was that Micah could have easily gotten lost since he was still unfamiliar with the area.

Brandon and Micah's siblings handed out flyers and checked surveillance videos and chatrooms while searching for Micah.

She shared, “I’m concerned that he may be lost. He’s dyslexic and dysgraphic. I want my boy home. I don’t care about missing appointments; I don’t care about anything. I just want my boy home.”

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