The elderly father plays ‘Rocket Man’ to cheer up his divorced daughter, and it is everything.

Elderly fathers are frequently portrayed as emotionally unavailable and unable to sympathize or convey feelings in specific situations. In most cases, it is due to the fact that their parents did not assist them in this manner when they were growing up. That doesn’t mean parents don’t care about their children or understand what they’re going through.

And this father exemplifies that. Jacqueline shares in a TikTok video posted by @jac.rose8 that her husband wants to divorce her, and her father came to the room because she was “non-functional in bed.” The overlay text reads, “…her dad didn’t know what to do, so he played his favorite song, the Dua Lipa ‘Rocket Man’ remix.”She films her father expressing what he “sees” as the song plays.

Image Source: TikTok/ @jac.rose8

According to ScaryMommy, he exclaims, “I can see, like, four singers in the background while he’s there by himself,” while dancing, which could be a reference to “Rocket Man” creator Sir Elton John. “He’s jamming out?” Jacqueline wonders to her father. “Yeah, moving around a little bit!” he says as he proceeds to dance in the sweetest way. As the video concludes, he stops playing the song on his phone.

The video has received over 499k views and 71.9k likes. People on social media praised the father’s gesture to console her daughter. “That’s so sweet, not pressuring you to talk, he just wants to be with you,” @ashleyspica said. “That’s a good dad,” @kdy422 said. It’s fine if we don’t always have the right words.” “Exactly!” said the daughter in response to this remark. He didn’t know what to say, but he was there and helped me so much.

Image Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

He’s the greatest.” “Sometimes the best reaction/comfort is the completely unexpected one,” @pepsterchic said. Take care, buddy.” “This made me cry,” tweeted @kristine_toth. He is madly in love with you. You can tell he’s overjoyed and doing everything he can to assist. So lovely.”In a subsequent video, Jacqueline discussed how her parents have been assisting her.

“My dad just called me from Home Depot to get me light bulbs because when he was here the light bulbs in my living room fan went out so we took them out because we were gonna go to Home Depot then we got a divorce and that didn’t happen,” she adds. “It’s been 7 days, so he’s just picking up lights for me so I can have lights in my living room,” she continues. He’s a fantastic father.”

Jacqueline adds that her mother prepared her favorite dinner and made sure she had four meals in the fridge so she wouldn’t have to cook. She ends, “So if you’re friend/family is ever going through a divorce or something really sad, changing their light bulbs, making sure they have food, and playing them Dua Lipa Miz Dupa Lupa remixes is really helpful.”

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