The Entire Town Comes Together to Grant A Woman’s 107th Birthday Wish

It’s not often that you get to ride down Main Street in grand marshal style, but for one lucky birthday girl in Oklahoma, it became a lifelong dream come true. Myda Lewis, a resident at Stillwater’s Westhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, hails from a long-lived family. One of her carers asked her if there was anything special she’d always wanted to accomplish in the days leading up to her 107th birthday on June 21.

There was, in fact, one: she’d lived in Stillwater since 1919 and had always dreamed of riding in a convertible in a parade. There had been no parades planned in this small-town community just west of Tulsa up until that point, but they found a convertible and decided to drive it around in style. Residents, on the other hand, found out and suddenly had reason to celebrate.

They decided to hold a parade in honor of Myda!As word spread, someone created a Facebook group for the event, and local press outlets joined in. Take a look at the turnout!By the time her dusty gold Mercedes began to make its way down Main Street, scores of people had gathered along the five-block stretch, waving banners and signs, wearing party hats and tossing confetti in one of the greatest birthday parties this neighborhood had ever seen.

Toni Ivey joined with other community members to prepare placards before setting up camp with her three children ahead of the parade, the festive mood obvious. “We’re going out today because what a great way to celebrate! “After all, who gets to be 107?” she exclaimed.And if she wants a parade, by golly, we’re going to give it to her! And the world desperately needs this positivity right now.

Everyone is happy today, and I haven’t seen a single grumpy face… The entire town has banded together.A large, pink umbrella gave shelter from the scorching summer heat along the route, as well-wishers ran up to gift Myda with balloons, cards, and flowers. Myda went all out for her special day, riding in a soft pink gown and a white sash with “107” engraved in rhinestones, her head topped by a tiara.

It was a suitable tribute to a woman who had lived such a long life. If you’re wondering what her secret is, she attributes it largely to a healthy and active lifestyle that she began as a child. But she admits that living to see her 107th birthday wasn’t her main aim… “I’ve always wanted to have a cute figure,” she jokingly said.

Miss Myda, congratulations on another significant birthday, and best wishes for many more! Share to wish her a happy birthday and to thank her community for showering her with love on her special day.

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