UberEats Driver Cries Over $3 Parking While Delivering Order & Is Labeled A “Scm Artist” After Starting A GoFundMe To Cover Expenses

Home delivery drivers have become critical vital workers this year, keeping countries operating in the face of a global pandemic. However, many clients are unaware of how tiring, gloomy, and underpaying this work may be at times, especially during the current crs. A weeping UberEats driver who is homeless shared an emotive video to TikTok pleading with customers to consider tipping drivers.

Riley Elliott, an UberEats driver in the United States, said he “risks his life” on the job every day during the pandemic, but was barely making ends meet. Since it was posted last week, the video has gone viral, garnering the driver 17,000 followers and a lot of praise.”Y’all, I really wish people who order Uber Eats or DoorDash understood what it’s like to be a driver,” Elliot says in the video.

“I just spent 45 minutes delivering food and had to pay $3 for parking because there was no free parking.” And they won’t come out to greet me.” In addition to the $1.50 tip, UberEats, the app for which the driver works, rewarded him $2.50. He only made $1 on the delivery after deducting fuel costs.”They tipped me $1.50, and Uber paid me $2.50,” the man recalls, tears welling up in his eyes.

“I have to prove three times the rent in two weeks, and I can’t.” And it doesn’t matter that I work numerous jobs, that I rarely sleep, and that I can hardly afford to feed myself.” The driver went on to describe his experiences with homelessness and chastised low-tipping customers.

“I’m about to become homeless for the third time since May because people don’t tip their delivery drivers ” “Like, how difficult is it to throw us $5?” Elliot continues. Elliot encourages people to always tip their delivery drivers who put their life in danger during the pndmc in the video.

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