Tiny Toddler Proudly Performs Traditional Māori Dance, And It’s Entirely Delightful.

During ceremonies and celebrations, a group performs the haka. It was traditionally used when indigenous people marched into combat, although it could also be used when peacefully gathering. The rhythmic chanting, body slapping, eye bulging, and tongue protrusions were meant to frighten opponents while also demonstrating the tribe’s strength and solidarity.

The haka can be danced at any time and for any reason, making it a significant aspect of Mori culture passed down from generation to generation.A TikTok page called @haka_haka_ just published a video of a child performing his own rendition of the haka, and it’s simply too cute! Off-screen, a man shouts, and the baby sways, his fingers splayed out, eyes wide, and tongue protruding.

He already knows how to do the dance, despite not knowing how to count! It’s wonderful to watch someone so young being taught about their cultural history. Please share this video of a child performing his best haka dance.

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