An 80-year-old grandfather sells cakes on the streets; buyers believe he is a wealthy man.

As the expression goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Even some persons selling on the street may have a secret identity! Every day, an elderly guy in his eighties sells items on the side of the road. When he saw pedestrians, he would step forward to sell his items, which made many people feel overwhelmed, but when netizens probed deeper into his identity, they discovered that things were not as they imagined…

According to neighbors, this elderly guy known as the “cake master” has been selling cakes in the region for more than ten years. A piece of cake costs $2.35 USD, and a bag costs $139.40 USD. He used to sell bread, sandwiches, and other items whenever he stood on the side of the road or at the door of a shop selling his cakes to passers-by.

Even when a car stops and waits for a traffic signal, he instantly approaches to the car window, lifts his right hand, and gives the person in the car a cake he is selling and asks, “Would you like to buy some?” Although the townspeople were acclimated to what the guy was doing, some people still thought the old man’s attitude was excessive, and his activities were occasionally rather dangerous, which made everyone concerned.

People who call the cops can only advise him because his activities are legal. Furthermore, several people felt sad for the old man, claiming that he frequently wore a yellowish-white T-shirt with a large hole in the shoulder. He obviously came from a poor household, so if he passed by and people saw him, they would undoubtedly buy a bag of cakes.

However, some individuals said that the old man’s true identity was a financially capable individual who had a large house for rent. He went out to sell cakes just because he didn’t want to be at home.However, the old man’s daughter soon denied this claim, stating that they were not wealthy and that his father had handed the house to his son, who now lives with his other son.

His daughter once encouraged him not to go out selling cakes, but he persisted, so his daughter let him, reasoning that he may benefit from the exercise as well. Never presume someone’s identity, especially if you know nothing about them.

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