After seeing the 11-year-old autistic genius play for his father, a kind stranger bought him a grand piano.

A kind stranger bought a self-taught 11-year-old with autism his own grand piano after hearing him play for his dad. Jude Kofie, who was 11 years old and lived in Denver, Colorado, was downstairs when his father heard him playing the piano. “One day, I was watching the news when I heard him play a tune. I knew there was a small piano in the basement, so I grabbed my phone and asked Jude, “Can you play that again?”

Jude’s father told him why.Jude had heard a song he liked and then taught himself how to play it on the family piano. His father was so surprised and pleased by how well his autistic son played that he took a short video of him and put it online. The video got a lot of attention online, and many people saw how talented this 11-year-old boy was. Bill Magnusson, a piano tuner who lives a few miles away from Jude in Boulder, Colorado, saw the video on the local news.

He could tell that the child who had taught himself to play was a musical genius.Bill said, “My first thought was, ‘This kid is on the level of Mozart.'” “He deserves the best,” we said.Bill’s father had just left him some money, and even though he didn’t know Jude or his family, his heart told him that he should help this young child who was very good at singing. He also thought that his father would have liked it if he helped Jude.

Bill sent an email to the news station where he saw the video and asked if they thought the young boy would like a real piano instead of a keyboard. The email said, “I am a piano tuner-technician.” “I see that he has a lot of computer pianos, but I don’t know if he has a “real” piano or if he would want one. I might be willing to help him get one and buy it for him. Please put me in touch with them if that’s the case.”

The station called Jude’s dad to tell him that a fan wanted to help them get Jude a real piano. The kind man’s offer surprised Jude’s father, who told the kind man that they couldn’t afford a real piano any other way and that they were interested in the offer. Bill then bought and gave Jude a brand-new grand piano for $15,000.”It’s like seeing God’s face, it really is…” Bill told when asked what about hearing the young musician made him feel so moved.

Jude and his father were very thankful, and Jude has been having a great time playing his new piano. Bill also found a great piano teacher for Jude and hired him.
Jude is now the main musician at his church, and he often plays the piano at weddings and other events.Bill didn’t just want to support Jude’s singing talent; he also wanted to see how many beautiful lives the young boy will change over the course of his life.

Bill said, “It’s impossible to know what will happen over the next 70 or 80 years.” “It’s not just for him; it’s for everyone he will affect.”
Watch this beautiful video of Jude, who is 11 years old, getting a grand piano from Bill:

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