Mom can’t feel her baby move for two days, and then doctors give her an impossible choice to make.

When doctors told Jordyn Smith that her baby was in trouble, that was the only choice they gave her. But at 28 weeks of pregnancy, only 8% of babies would live outside the womb. If she gave birth when she was supposed to, the baby’s chances of living were even lower.Jordyn has a clear memory of the time. She said, “We had to make a choice that was impossible. We were told that if we didn’t take him out, he would die at birth, but that if we did, he might not live.

As moms, all we want is what’s best for our kids. If we could switch places, we’d do it happily. It was almost impossible to make a choice like this. As she decided to have an emergency C-section, Jordyn hoped that her son Jay would live with the help of God.”I was just trying to stay alive. I didn’t think kids that old could still be alive. I didn’t realize how bad the situation was until he was given an 8% chance of survival,” she said.

God was taking care of her sweet little Jay. Jay lived through the c-section even though he was only 14.8 ounces and spent 173 days in the NICU before he could go home. Six days later, he stopped breathing and his parents rushed him to the hospital. On Jay’s stomach, the doctors found a lump. Jordyn can remember asking herself, “Why him?” She said, “It doesn’t seem fair that he just got out of the hospital and is now fighting another battle.”

But in God’s plan, pain and trials are never lost. Jesus takes care of everything in our lives so that we become more like him. Joy and sorrow. He uses both pain and pleasure to bring glory to God.Jay has a lot of friends now. After beating cancer, he made it to his first birthday. Even though treatment has made him lose his hearing, Jay still enjoys every moment of life.Jordyn Smith says he had a great birthday. ”

He is happy and laughs a lot. He likes to talk to people and is very curious and aware of what is going on around him. We had a superhero theme for his first birthday, and it was so wonderful to be able to party even though we didn’t know we would. Jay is only one, but his parents already think of him as a hero. Praise God that this family has been through the darkest depths and now has a place to stand on the highest peaks.

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