His kindergarten teacher told him to bring a fish to class, so when he did, the boy had an idea that made everyone laugh.

A funny picture taken in a Chinese kindergarten has gone popular on social medias. The children in kindergarten were told to bring a fish to class. One little boy or his father showed up with a funny and unique idea. In the picture, you can see a group of kids sat around a table with their work. While other kids brought goldfish in cute aquariums, a young boy is seen sitting in front of a stainless steel basin with a big (and apparently dead) fish in it.

The picture that has gone viral on social media was taken in Zhejiang Province, China, in a kindergarten. The teacher who took the picture posted it on social media with the comment, “Teacher told me to bring a fish to school. “Mom, why is my fish different from the others?”

When the boy’s father was asked about the funny thing that happened, it turned out that there was a mistake. The boy told him that his teacher told him to bring a fish to class, but that any fish would do.

Since the father had just come back from fishing, he gave the boy some of the fish he had caught.The funny picture quickly went viral on the Internet, and parents in particular loved it right away.

Some creative Internet users even used picture editing software to turn the fish into tasty dishes like sashimi and sweet-and-sour fish.This is now even better! The fish dish is tasty, and the boy can eat it with his friends and teacher.We’re sure that the fish made their class action even more fun and funny. The teacher could also use the fish to teach the kids about the different kinds of fish. It seems that the father’s plan wasn’t so bad after all.

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