2-year-old immediately calms crying baby sister in viral video

As we near the end of a very hard year, here are some lessons we should take into 2021: “It’s okay. “Inhale deeply.” This isn’t the slogan of some meditation teacher; it’s what a two-year-old told his crying baby sister to make her stop crying. Later, the cute video of the older brother went viral on TikTok. It was the first time their mother had ever shared anything on the site.

Kristen Reformato from New Jersey says this isn’t the first time Beau, who is two, has calmed down Ainsley, who is six months old. But she was finally able to get a picture of the moment. That kind of cuteness has to be shared, of course. The popular video clip shows the two brothers and sisters sleeping next to each other in bed, with Beau holding a toy truck. When Ainsley starts to cry, Beau says, “It’s alright! It’s fine!” she said in a cute voice.

Then his sister looks at him and is suddenly quiet. He whispers, “Take a deep breath.” And he shows her how to breathe like a yogi. Reformato was getting her kids ready for a nap, but she wanted to take a shot first for her husband. That’s how the camera was set up when Beau started to calm the baby down when it was crying. Overall, Beau is a friendly little boy who loves to wave at people walking by in the store.

Ainsley’s bigger brother, he is also a good person. So, his words of comfort are all over family blogs and news sites. Beau’s way of relaxing is great for adults, but it doesn’t work on kids, with the possible exception of Ainsley. In fact, quiet a crying baby is something that all parents have to deal with, and most of them don’t have a “baby whisperer” like Beau to help them out.

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