Couple Out Paddle Boarding Suddenly Realize They’re Not Alone

Last month, Osta Paolo and his partner were out paddle boarding near their home in Argentina. All of a sudden, they ran into someone who couldn’t be missed.
That’s what she made sure of.Paolo and his friend were far from shore and sharing a board when a big, silent figure came out of the water close by. It was a whale, and her first attempt to be quiet wouldn’t work.

As the two people watched in awe, the whale came closer and circled their board near the top of the water. Being around such a big animal must have made the couple feel small, so they probably chose to head back closer to shore, taking with them a memory of their epic encounter that they won’t soon forget. And to top it all off, it looked like the whale waved them off.

Most of the time, it’s illegal to get too close to whales at sea, but when the whale comes to you, like in this case, it’s usually seen as unavoidable. It seems that both sides are interested.

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