High school sweethearts who broke up after their graduation reunite and then marry — after 65 years!

They say love is sweeter the second time around, and this charming pair is proof of that. Caroline Reeves and Eddie Lamm were in their teens when they fell in love in the 1950s. However, 65 years after their breakup, the high school sweethearts married after many twists and turns. This couple exemplifies the adage that some of the best things in life are worth the wait. Caroline Reeves and Eddie Lamm were in their teens and in love in 1956.

Eddie and Caroline are high school sweethearts who finally marry after 65 years apart.

They had been together for a few years and were about to graduate from high school. Caroline was admiring Eddie’s class ring as the wedding date approached. Her high school sweetheart’s class ring, she reasoned, would make an ideal engagement ring, a symbol of their loving love for each other.”It was an engagement ring,” she recalls. And I was the type of person who, with that ring, would have devoted myself to him for the rest of my life.”

Unfortunately, Eddie appeared to have different ideas for his immediate future. He’d already decided to attend ROTC at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville the following fall. He afterwards planned to join the United States Air Force. Apparently, the thought of high school sweethearts marrying after graduation did not cross his mind.Eddie adored Caroline, but marriage was not on the cards for him.

The two dated as teens in the 1950s.

He kissed Caroline farewell before going for college, with no plans for the high school sweethearts to marry now or in the future. Caroline’s heart was broken by the lack of commitment. “I opened that car door, got out of that car, ran up the steps, slammed the door, went upstairs, and cried all night,” she explained. That was the end of it.”Without marrying, the high school sweethearts would live fruitful but distinct lives.

Eddie was eventually able to realize his ambitions. He was an Air Force KC-135 pilot who married Polly Piper and had two sons. Caroline recovered from her breakup and went on to become Ms. Nashville in 1959. After marrying Charles Wallace in 1961, she, too, married and had children. She worked in interior design for nearly 60 years, contributed to periodicals, published three novels, and traveled all over the world.

Unfortunately, her second husband, George Kennedy, died in 2001.Eddie’s wife Polly died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2021, after 60 years of marriage. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a rare neurological disease that affects motor neurons, which are brain and spinal cord nerve cells that drive voluntary muscular movement. Eddie has spent the last few years caring for his wife.

Eddie, alone and in his 80s after his wife’s death, was finally able to search up the woman he’d thought about for decades: Caroline. “All of a sudden, something hits me,” he added. ‘I’ve got to call her,’ I said.Caroline eventually answered after nine phone calls. She, too, stated that she was constantly concerned about Eddie. They reconnected in a huge manner, and they never stopped communicating!

The young couple look elegant while out on a date.

Eddie proclaimed his love for Caroline after three nights of extended phone talks, despite the fact that they had previously squandered so much time together. He flew back to their homeland of Nashville, Tennessee, from his residence in California. They knew it was love at first sight the moment she picked him up at the airport.The high school sweethearts had failed to marry decades before, but they were eager to make amends.

Caroline traveled to California to be with Eddie, and he proposed three months later. Eddie proposed to Caroline using his late mother’s engagement diamond, but she graciously declined. She knew exactly what ring she wanted: her high school class ring from six decades ago. After parting up in high school, the high school sweethearts ultimately marry after more than six decades.

Eddie was 85 years old, and Caroline was 82, but their reunion had made them feel youthful again. They both endeavor to keep their hearts young, especially now that they have a second chance at love.Caroline stated, “You don’t have to grow old when you’re in your 80s.” We keep our minds engaged, we have fun, we laugh, we tease, we cut up, and we just want to live as long as possible — the best life we can live.”

Caroline expected an engagement right after their high school graduation.

When the high school sweethearts married, Eddie looked elegant in a navy suit, while Caroline wore a brilliantly embroidered floral gown . She feels they were reunited to care for each other in their old age. Nonetheless, she intends to be buried apart from the guy she loves. Caroline expressed her desire for Eddie to be buried next to Polly, his children’s mother, in an act of pure love.

The high school sweethearts may have married much later than intended, but their touching story speaks to something that many people desire: another chance at real love. “It was miraculous,” Caroline said. That we rediscovered our love. Watch this video to discover more about this story:

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